There seemed to be many programmes internally generated and run by students and graduates of the Niger Delta University. However, not many of those programmes have attained that needed publicity to enable the general public aware of what they are all about. One of these programmes is the FromNDU2DWorld. This programme has been established since 2017 and most NDU students, alumni and management are still not properly informed about it. Therefore, this exclusive interview with the CEO of FromNDU2DWorld is meant to expose the programme to all and sundry.

Good Morning Mc Monica, can you please tell us about the programme, FromNDU2DWorld?

The programme is called from FromNDU2DWorld. So, we started in 2017; I was looking at a way to create a relationship between the alumni body, the school management and the students’ community to foster better collaborations and friendship. Thereby, if you are a student, before you go out of the environment, you already know some of the alumni that you can link up with for advice, direction and possible support when you graduate. And I believe that in so doing, so many of us; me, I did not meet the first set that graduated, but if there is a way that we will have them come around school to have them talk to us while we were in school, before we graduate, you have already known some of these people. Like, during my final days, I was able to meet people who graduated long before me. So, I told them about the idea. I met with the former VC, then, we hosted the first edition before the management changed. We couldn’t do for 2018.

Then 2019, I met with the new VC to discuss about the idea. He bought the idea and pledged to do the second edition. And what we are planning to do is looking at a way where all these… NDU has produced a lot of people but when they go out they don’t mention NDU in their portfolio which I know. I have read about many of their publication, they hide NDU out of it, which is very bad because a good that is not well publicized cannot get purchased. So, if people that have gone out start saying arhh, me I went to NDU o, me na this one, me na this one – And I see that why they don’t mention NDU is because they feel NDU don’t have that relevance. Am even disappointed that MC Galaxy is coming to Bayelsa for a campus tour and he went to Otuoke that doesn’t have structure like us. These are some of the things we have to tackle. And it is not only about entertainers.

We are just bringing those entertainers to spice up the event because if you want to publicize a product, you have to use someone that is popular so that students will be attracted that arrhhh, this person is coming and when they come around- because what we want to do, we want to have a discussion, a hard to hard talk. So many people are not even happy with the alumni body, because they feel that the alumni is not functioning. Me, when I graduated, I paid alumni fee, so, I am a member of the alumni, but I don’t really know what is happening. There was a time the VC said I should reach out to the alumni president, I got his number, I called him, he said I should go and meet the secretary. I met the secretary, after telling him everything, he said they will get back to me – till now. So I decided to pull the belt on my own.

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So, on my own, I will push the FromNDU2DWorld brand so far that even people from other states are beginning to say ha! What is this FromNDU2DWorld all about? And I believe that if we have about 5 or 10 of my likes, and the thing is that NDU is one of the leading school in Nigeria, but is not well publicized and we are underrated. So I believe that once these people come back, we give them the required treatment, see, we appreciate you that you are from NDU, because some people say that since they left, school don’t use to give them their own accolades, that school management don’t recognize them in anything they are doing. So, I was like telling them, this new VC is a friendly VC and he is out to reach out to everybody that can listen. And I know that you cannot be able to reach out to everybody at once but if we make this event an annual event, slow and steady, the people that came this year goes back and said, haa! Our school hosted us o, this is what happened, this is what happened (a kind of continued relationship), yes! This is what happened.

Because I told the alumni secretary that time that this is supposed to be an alumni programme, every year, we are supposed to have a programme. During this programme, we are supposed to give out scholarships to best students, because alumni have money. Then, support some project that are ongoing in school. Then, if the alumni buy the idea, then those that has made money, because we have so many prominent persons we can reach out to that we want to do this thing in school. There are people that are into cake baking, decoration, all those vocational works them. They can mentor students that are here. They will just come around for a seminar to talk. And the rate of cultism and drugs that is happening amongst these freshers and newcomers, if the people that have graduated will come around and talk to them.

They said experience is the best teacher. If you go and bring outsiders to talk, they might not be able to emphasize various key points about the school. There are areas when you mention, they know that this person has been here before, that he knows everywhere. He knows their slangs. E get people that have been there and seen that there is nothing there they don’t know. So, when you that have been there talked to persons with experience, the person will listen to you but if you bring outsiders that will come and assume, it will not work. So, that is what we are trying to do. It is not really about the entertainment aspect because when I was discussing with VC for the first time, I told him we even like to do a food and drink festival in school. During the food and drink festival, then we have other segments like vocational training. Imagine us doing our event and portraying all our vocational products. By so doing, outsiders will come in. you know, I even told VC that we need an elite artist. Because it is those people that sell products. Because once they come, if an elite artist come NDU, and they tell other people, ha! E get one school for Bayelsa self when I dom know o, I dey get crowd.

By so doing, MTN dey do campus tour, so many schools dey do campus tour, they don’t even know that NDU exists. Because we don’t project our school. Graduates of NDU are good. Like myself, nobody can challenge me from any other school. Yes, we have the people but the structure and the mind. People like us now, we have a meeting with school management, we tell them about the programme. If they can release the funds, lets do this thing, you know, with media power, yes, media power.

The problem is that those managing NDU media don’t care about media power and publicity. I have many persons asking me questions about NDU and other issues but I don’t have anywhere to link them to. I think there is need for an interactive page, where you ask questions and get answers. Somebody that have not been to NDU before, if am coming to NDU there, because through this FromNDU2DWorld, after the first one that we did, we project…, I sold almost 500 T-shirts. That first one – even people from Uniport started calling me that ha! What is the concept of the FromNDU2DWorld, they want to do FromUniport2DWorld. Real Poly want to do Realpoly2DWorld, even people in Anambra State, they requested for the T-shirts, people that did not go to NDU because the T-shirt was everywhere. So, some of those things them, we even supposed to have bangles and all those things, everything. When I went to Lagos to perform, I even wore the polo, I was telling that guy that won the ____ Nigeria that some of these programmes that you are going to, you are supposed to wear our polo.

When you reach there, let them ask you questions, what is this thing all about? You started from here. If all of us started preaching the NDU gospel, if only we dom get there now, slow and steady, we will get there. I so much believe in the programme because I wanted to do the event on my own since but I don’t,… see, someone like me, I don’t like going after something and you will be posting me come today, come tomorrow. I like to do it so that you will see. If it is worth supporting then, you support. If it is not worth supporting… because I don’t like when I am on the right track, you will come and be turning me around. In Bayelsa here, they like doing that thing. You see an idea that is genuine, you don’t want to support.

Okay, let us go into the management aspect. Who are the key managers of the programme?: I have a team that I am working with.

Right now, do you want to mention names? …because during the VC Award Ceremony, you mentioned a name, the person behind FromNDU2DWorld, which is the person that presented the award to the VC: No, that guy is doing anotherrrr…. His own is ehnnn… MadeinNDU

Ok, so how many persons will you mention are in your team? We are up to ten. Some are NDU students, some have graduated. Everybody works in their own units and I am the director.

So, how will you.. say, like five years from now, what do you see regarding this programme? Five years from now, I see an NDU where you can easily go to any office that somebody from NDU is in charge because you are from NDU, you will be employed. And so many opportunities will open to us. Because we have leading people in business, politics and entertainment that once you are out of school, you will not struggle. Just hook up that sir, you came to school to talk to us one time like that. I have finish school, I am looking for…. You just hook up, that is just what we are vying for. NDU where will be like a family. If you have any project you want to pursue, it will not be hard for you to… like for me now, I am trying to meet some of the prominent men that graduated from NDU, but no way because I don’t have one on one relationship with them.

But I am one of the people that are trying in NDU of which I am supposed to have easy access to them with recommendations, you understand? Because people like us are supposed to recommend people to go and meet people because if I had have one on one relationship with these people, it is me that can call them that sir, there is one student in school, because they cannot come down to school.. I can get report that there is one guy in NDU, he is trying, he is doing something like this and he needs support and it will be very easy. But we lack such system. So, I believe that in five years time, if we buy into this idea, we have more student, alumni and management relationship that will lead to more collaborations that will take our school to the next level and open the school to investors to come and invest. So, what we need is to work together.

Thank you very much Mc Monica. Your presentation will be published to the world.