Amassoma is the host community to the prestigious Niger Delta University, a State owned University established since 2000. Read more about NDU Here. From the inception of the University, various small and large scale developments have been engineered in the bid to grow the University and the community by various educational investors and individual endeavours. Nevertheless, one basic aspect that has received very little or no attention is housing, especially in the area of students’ hostel accommodations.

Within the Amassoma community, local landlords before this time are familiar with building houses with no toilets, no water arrangements, no kitchen and other basic aspects of what constitute a house. Many accommodations in the early 2000 used paper proofs to dispose their feces – probably a little attachment at the corner of the main building where everyone in the compound visits when they receive nature’s call. This system was highly unhealthy for the teeming students. It was not until only recently, when some few local landlords and foreigners/outsiders saw the need for better accommodation and began constructing buildings that surpassed the old order. This time, a new set of accommodations sprang up with water, toilet and kitchen system which are often called self contain here. This self contain only covers basic aspects of a student’s need in school. Hence, many of these accommodations are tight-fit, as if they are built for chickens and ducks. Many also lack consideration for the regular yearly rainy flood (2012 and 2018 flood not considered in this line).

Currently, agents are now facing dearth/problems of inadequate, insecure and low quality accommodation. Few weeks into a new semester, the good accommodations are soon rented out with a wider margin of the students left for low quality houses without basic amenities. Others are left to manage with their colleagues as they have no other choices to choose.

Consequent upon the above, there is urgent need to call for investors who are interested in constructing quality accommodations in Amassoma that are also very affordable. In view of current happenings, Amassoma is billed to prosper within the next couple of decades. Therefore, an investment in accommodation at this time is expected to yield reasonable/steady annual income. This seeming prophecy is hinged on the fact that the current VC’s (Prof. Samuel G. Edoumiekumo) administrative foresight in managing the affairs of the school has endeared the students’ community so close to management that there is high level and quality peace in the community. The current tranquility in Amassoma guarantees safe investment haven for investors. The VC’s policies had also made many small scale businesses sprang up and prosper unimaginably. The recent students’ award is a testament to this acclamation.

From the Cost Perspective

Our ongoing research on the total cost of building in Amassoma will tackle this aspect of the cost implications. Nevertheless, interested members of the public who intent to invest now can get a detailed one on one office discuss. Land in Amassoma costs between N700,000 to N1,200,000. It all depends on the location of the land. Some location can even cost up to N1,500,000. But since we are driving towards quality, an average of N1,000,000 will be looked into. The said plot of land is measured in 100×50. Any further increment in purchase is doubled or tripled in cost as the case may be. Our co-authors comprising of agents (in charge of land purchase), Engineers, (in charge of building) and surveyors (in charge of planning) are currently on a study, putting together the total cost for building particular structures, i.e. two, three or four self-cons, buildings with two or more floors amongst other types of structures.

The plan here is to construct quality housing that are affordable for students to rent. Quality here includes refined/purified water system (as it is almost difficult to drink tap water in Amassoma). Although tap water here is clean, it is claimed that there is iron presence in the water. Again, haphazard suck away dug at every point without recourse to bored holes, which made many bored holes too closed to certain toilet sources all makes many water here undrinkable even as the water is pure superficially. Therefore, there is need for quality accommodation with a refined water system.

Additionally, security is another issue. There is hardly an accommodation here with adequate security. It is hard to pinpoint any accommodation with security personnel. Also, there is need for a continuous maintenance system/culture for rents given out. Students, like many Nigerians (of course, charity begins at home) lack this maintenance culture. You rent house to a student, the house continue to deteriorate. No care. As if that is not enough, some deliberately mal-use facilities rented to them. As minor as the care for a kitchen sink, some students would not even use it up to a month before they will call you that their sink is blocked. Whereas, a sink is not supposed to be blocked for as long as you live in a house if only you do not allow little dirt to pass through the sink holes. Some students would also toil with door handles and got them broken within few months into their rents. Others don’t know how to clear grasses around the compound. Their sweeping is restricted to their apartment. All these and many more are problems emanating from students’ inability to maintain their accommodations and in the long run, they deteriorate the quality of houses rented to them. Therefore, there is need for adequate agentship who is aware of effective facility maintenance culture. This will allow the structures to maintain their beauty for a longer time.

Again, there is also need to site buildings in areas that flood will not disturb. Recall that during the 2012 and 2018 flood (2012 flood was higher than 2018 flood with 1.8inchs high, refer here for Statistics on Flood Amassoma was literally immersed in water. Very few areas like some parts of main campus, Newsite, Tantua, CHS amongst some other parts were excluded from the ravaging flood. Many parts suffered immensely. Hence, the plan is to site buildings in areas that are not easily prone to flood and with fine accessibility to main roads.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Any business without return on investments will certainly not hold in the first place. In this case, return on investment is very lucrative. Unlike many other urban settlements, Amassoma is a school/University environment which houses thousands of students with various accommodation tastes. Therefore, quality houses here are very much on demand. The prices of rents here vary. Please, refer Here for a proper understanding of housing costs in Amassoma. The rent pattern will cover payment for actual rent, payments for agent fee (at the initial rent only) and payment for compound maintenance. This is because even when facilities are properly used, some deteriorates by virtue of mere passage of time. Subsequently, monies will be set aside to tackle such repairs on yearly basis. In compounds where this is done, the landlord is freed from issues of repairs yearly.

Therefore, if the quality of the house is pegged at N100,000 per year, a four self-con building will generate N400,000 flat per year without any repair deductions. This is because financial repairs concerns will be charged in addition to the yearly rent.


Maintenance of apartments under our care are never left to students. This is because of the level of inadequate maintenance culture amongst students. Hence, we do the maintenance by ourselves. In Lekki Lodge Phase II in Sadiamo-ama area, most persons would want to rent accommodation there. Even when they are told that there is no space, they appeal that once anyone is packing out, they should be informed. Anyone passing – just anyone wants to live there. The problem is because of maintenance. Even Nepa agents amongst other persons visiting would ask if a white man is living in the compound. So, maintenance will never be a problem of accommodation under our surveillance. It shall be total and definite. In most of our lodges, you dare not dump pure water in the compound, you dare not take trash out of the compound. There are dedicated compound trash site where tenants are required to dump their dry trash and burn immediately. This is the culture. Inability to pay rent and/or abide by compound maintenance rules constitute issues that warrant quit notice. Please, refer to our here Tenancy Agreement here.

 Call for Investment

Are you a trader, a politician, a parent, a banker, teacher, pastor etc? Have you ever thought of investing in hostel accommodation in Amassoma? Here is your chance. Over the course of our four year existence in our journey in vocational guidance, many parents has been requesting for the possibilities, cost and the gains of erecting structures in Amassoma. This led us to begin investigation on preliminary and major cost involved in such a task. Currently, we have accommodation agents, surveyors, builders and engineers in our train who are available 24hrs to deliver any job on agreed time. This endeavour is new and consequent upon request even as we have been in real estate for four good years.

All interested persons can forward letters to:

Michael O. Jules,

The Lead Researcher – Vocational Business Educator,
Admissions and UTME Nigeria,
Beside Gloryland Campus Main Gate,
By RCF (Redeem) Tent,
Amassoma, Bayelsa State

Or alternatively, call

Or mail and copy to
All inquiries will be attended to immediately or within 24hrs.

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