In contemporary societies, the lack of adequate mentorship from the older folk has driven freshmen in the University into acts inimical to their academic well being. Seiminiyifa Franklin Matthew, a 400 level Accountancy student have this to say:

“Pikin Wey No Get Helper Suppose Get Fulltime Sense”

“You know that your father, mother, and in short, your extended family is nothing, but still you are at the forefront of crime.

You’ve the privilege to gain admission into the university only for you to get involve in cultism.

See, pikin wey no get helper suppose get plenty sense.

You suppose get sense.

If you’re caught, you will rotten in jail because you no get helper.

For me, I knew the background I came from and I’ve trained myself to stay off crime.

I knew I was born with a wooden-spoon, and for my silver-spoon to come by, I have to fight my fight with plenty of sense.

Leave street life. Get some sense, brother.

Leave that habit. Get some sense, sister.

Don’t ruin your future because of lack of ‘sense’

Remember, you are alone on that path you are trekking, therefore, in all thy doings, make sure you have sense.

Full stoooooop.”

Inspiring right? So, get some sense now before it is too late. Focus on your studies and graduate with a good grade.

Seiminiyifa Franklin Matthew

Seiminiyifa Franklin Matthew

400 Level Accountancy Student, NDU

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Michael O'Jules

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