One challenge we always encounter during admission processing is newly admitted students forgetting their registration details like email, passwords, lost phone numbers, etc. Contemporarily, the NDUscreening page has been designed to recollect post UTME details as part of requirements to complete admitted students clearance process. Therefore, if you are applying for the NDU post UTME as from tomorrow 24th June, please, take note of the following.

  1. Your Email: Please, the email you will use must not be forgotten. It is ideal to use the same email you used in JAMB for the post UTME. Login to your JAMB profile, know the details, write them down because we shall need them here later. Use same for your post UTME application. Write it in a paper and file it together with your documents. If you do not know your jamb login details now, please, go to the CBT man that applied for you and request for your login details.
  2. Passwords: Sometimes, you always forget your passwords. This is not supposed to be. Some of you even used your phone numbers, later you will forget the particular phone number you used. Please, know how to differentiate your email password from your Jamb password. The two are not same. We have been having issues with passwords over the years. In many portals, you have to pay money to change the email if you cannot get through with password recovery.
  3. Phone Number: Please, ensure that the phone you used to register for the post UTME, you must not lose it. This is because once you have been admitted, you will receive a code in that line in an attempt to update email when you forget the post UTME email used during application. So, that phone is a means of identity.
  4. Ensure that the Name in your Papers is the Same: To avoid NDU wahala, ensure that the name in your jamb is same with WAEC, LGA, Age declaration, etc. If there is any differences/discrepancies, just go to the court and explain yourself adequately. They will give you an affidavit to that effect.
  5. Origin Issues: If you used another LGA/State other than Bayelsa and any of its LGAs as your Local Government of Origin and your mother or father is from Bayelsa, you have successfully disadvantaged yourself. Please, seek advice immediately, so that you can legally enter the NDU as an indigene.
  6. Always Keep Away from Fraudsters: This is admission period. People will start coming up to you to claim they can help you get admission. Some will even tell you they just spoke with VC. Are you really sure VC collects money for admission? Mumu ki you dia! Be very mindful. Admission is free.
  7. When you Make Payments during Registration and your payment is not recognized, you will have to visit the ICT office: This is particularly why we want you to use experienced café in Amassoma. Many cases of lost money has been received earlier. Café in Amassoma can easily rectify the issue with the ICT office.
  8. Keep your Post UTME Form Safe: The post UTME form is part of the documents you will use to open file. So, keep it very well. In fact, this is the first document you will ever get from the NDU. Please, keep it safe or you will pay N2,000 to get it back later at the ICT office.
  9. Loss of Post UTME Form: If you lost your post UTME application form, quickly, before the closing date when the form application will expire, login to the portal again, insert your jamb number, you can get it back. You can also get it back during clearance. But once you have been verified, no way again.
  10. Post UTME Exam: The NDU Post UTME Exam is “on your own”. No one can write for you. Buy past questions now. Read more now. Make you no go do like fly wey fly enter bear for exam hall. Lols.


Success and goodluck in advance.

Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules is a Vocational Business Educator and Sole Admin, Admissions and UTME Nigeria. Please, don’t mind the comic part of this writeup. That is just my style of writing. I write in “my own accord”.

Michael Jules

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