On the 19th June 2019, a conglomeration of students in the Niger Delta converged to honour the vice Chancellor for his developmental strides. In this endeavour, several groups of students also came out to present one form of award or the other. We at Admissions and UTME, seeing how business has grown as a result of effective policies in the Niger Delta University – making sessions to run ceaselessly, it became very important that we also thank the Vice Chancellor for his efforts.

Some persons may however ask, how does the VC, minding his business inside school, affect our businesses outside? Well, the answer is not farfetched. Before now, café owners mainly focused on photocopy, typesetting, laminating along with some other miserable meager endeavours. All these put together gives you very meager earnings which may not really improve your living standard over time. However, with ICT inclusion in financial processes in the institution, café owners are now able to engage in businesses that are more profitable. Even with a very miserable laptop, just place it along the road, beg the okada not to jam you, just process one e-teller, you have made N1,380. With these, together with other forms of legal businesses in the NDU, café owners are becoming richer by the day – all thanks to effective leadership.

Let me develop another model from these occurrences. From another point of view, it is now looking like the NDU is giving soft loans to small scale businesses by divesting NDU money in the banks by allowing students to pay to café owners and transferring to the bank thereof. These monies now in café accounts and being paid off almost immediately, together with profits accrued all have significant effects on business growth.

Allow me to lift some paragraphs from my paper presented during the event:

“I had taken my time to observe the extent to which the Vice Chancellor’s efforts in making Niger Delta University run smoothly affected the operations of the local environment. Note however, that previously, there has been upheavals within the community. From the beginning of this administration, there has been one form of problem or the other. This administration did not really thread on soft grounds. I lost so many wards to NDU strikes and riots. From one challenge to the other. If at your personal level, you felt the heat and almost gave up, how do you think it was then for someone whose responsibility it is to manage the then incessant crises? Not just to manage it but to ensure that school runs without stop?”

“The then incessant crises caused a lot of disarray in the Amassoma community. Businesses closed down. Many went back to the village and never came back. Businesses which had hitherto performed robustly started undulating and later liquidated with huge loads of attendant debt burden. Some had to branch into okada riding just to survive. Why am I bringing all of these? It is because in all of this turbulence, the Vice Chancellors’ administrative policies served as an antidote in the face/cure of business failures and amassoma economic woes. How is this so? You can attest if only you attempt to observe that the number of new businesses that has sprang up in this year alone just immediately after the ASUU strike of November, 2018 to February, 2019 has far surpassed the level of business spring-ups in recent years. To confirm, drive through the Main Campus gate through Government secondary school, and turn to the Catholic Church, you will see new stores, new setups. Then again, from the same main gate, but this time, take the roundabout through NDDC junction, you will also see the same thing. These are my everyday routes that I can attest personally by sheer dint of observation.”

“Today, it has become very easy for anybody with mere computer knowledge to bring out a laptop, process school fees e-teller within 5 minutes and actually earn N1300. Wealth creation has indeed become very easy. Indeed, the Vice Chancellor and his group of ICT administrators deserve loads of accolades.”

“Consequent upon the above, it has become very important to accord honour to him it is due. The Vice Chancellor, this is your time to shine and this axiom can no longer be left to the debacles of public debate”.

From another entirely different dimension, I also noticed that the rate of crime in Amassoma has reduced. This observation is purely a personal based on comparison between the time before now and current happenings. In another study by another author, findings may vary. Why do I say that rate of crime reduced? Before now, when freshers come to Amassoma for the first time especially in this NDDC area, we always hear and see many freshers who are robbed. Today, this student phone was forcefully collected from him, tomorrow, you hear monies were lost, next tomorrow may be for another story entirely. In fact, when I personally pass that NDDC area in the night, I don’t like taking my phone. Not that I have been accosted before, but from what I see others experiencing, it became wise to move in that area phoneless to avoid stories that touch the bones. However, this story has changed drastically this period. Just last week, my sanity came back. I was asking myself why I left my phone at home? Then I realized that for a long time now, the number of boys standing in groups in this place has since reduced. This was not as a result of police effort, but because the boys must have been engaged in one venture or the other. Even the little that are remaining, their strength may not longer be enough for the criminal venture, so, their league has weakened.

Subsequently, based on these personal, unbiased and uninfluenced observations, the feelings were very overwhelming that the VC must be acknowledged. This is to further strengthen his resolve that he is on the right path.

Therefore, we acknowledged him with an award of Administrative Foresight.


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