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During the matriculation period, all freshers are expected to print their matriculation gown receipts online and apply for the Matric gown at the Faculty. Upon verification of receipt, the Faculty tenders the matriculation gowns to students to use throughout the event. The matriculation gown is expected to be with you from the week of the Matric till the upper week Tuesday or on a later date stated by the management.




Unfortunately, there have been occurrences of users who get their matriculation gowns spoilt or lost, thereby attracting managerial fine on them. The truth is that there are many things that could make you fall under this category of students who will pay fine. Many students had lost their matriculation gowns in the past while others altered some parts of the gowns which also placed them in the fine arena.

It is purported that when you lost your matriculation gown, you are to pay a fine of N10,000 to the school. Although we haven’t seen a student who paid this fee, this is however, a very serious case that all students must pay due attention. In fact, this one when everybody dey look for money so, that fee may even be increased to N20,000 soon. So be vigilant with your matriculation gown.

How to Take Care of Your Matriculation Gown

Consequent upon the above possibilities, the following must be given adequate attention.

  1. If at all you must wash the gown before use, you must keep watch over it during sunning/drying since many students had lost their gowns during this process. They washed and left their gowns under sun, making purchases for the matriculation. Before they returned, matriculation gown had immediately developed wings and flew away like “two little black birds sitting on the wall”. So, avoid issues, don’t bother to wash. School has already dry cleaned them before.
  2. Avoid Lending: The truth is that not everyone will have matriculation gowns, even though all must pay – the Nigerian way. So, because not all will have, many will want to borrow on that day to snap. Please, give me first, please, give me first; make you look well o, your gown dom dey reach Tombia junction be that o. If at all you must lend, stay close, let the person finish snapping and get it back. No stories.
  3. Careful with ironing: My sister, without ironing, you will still look wow on that day. But for my likes who will not do without ironing, please, use dry cleaning services. So that they can handle it right. Sure, if anything happens, they are to pay, not you again. Why you must be careful with ironing is that when you misfire, go iron am wrongly, you will pay for it. So, if you must iron, don’t let the devil use you.
  4. Return on time: Management will release a date for all students to return their gowns. You must return your gown on or before that date. The date may fall within the first Monday – Wednesday of the week after Matriculation week. If you fail, you may be fined. So, play safe. For those who will take their Matric gown to Port Harcourt, Warri and other faraway places to snap to rub it on their community people faces that they are now in school, please, be careful o, before them use your Matric gown catch fire. You know say those village people, their name and hand no dey comot from story o. So, play safe. And you must also come back on time so that you will meet up with the return date/deadline.

Note: After matriculation day, exam is just by the corner. So, do not allow the matriculation day to shack you. Bring your head down. After the enjoyment and the after parties which no one can stop you except yourself, please, revert to the status quo and resume examination preparation.

Happy Matriculation in Advance!




Samples of Matriculation Gowns