Hurray! Its another Niger Delta University Matriculation Day slated to hold 15th June, 2019 and its exciting.

Matriculation is the process of enrolling in a university or college; meeting all necessary requirements to be eligible for admission into the university and in this case, this event is to welcome, mark and induct the freshers into the ways of the university community.

The event is one filled with celebration and enthusiasm as the freshers invite/gather families, friends and well wishers to the celebration.

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On the NDU matriculation, the major events include collection of matriculation gowns, where students are expected to process their matric gown receipt online in their ndufees profile for a total cost of N4,500, go to the Faculty with the matric receipt to collect their gowns as at whence the Faculty declare the availability of such gowns; be present at the matric ground by 9-10:00AM for commencement of the main events, take photographs to remember the day (all join), and a galore of celebration thereafter for the rest of the day (Note that the matriculation event is purported to hold on the convocation arena this year in Newsite. This is against previous matric which always held in Main campus matric ground, and in the case of last year [2017/2018 session] – Auditorium).

On that day, Unions, Associations, churches, etc organize matriculation parties to celebrate and keep their members together, giving them a memorable experience and treat for the day. In fact, the National Association of Delta State Students (NADESSTU) (NDU Chapter) is set to hold an after party/welcome event for its teeming freshers with the theme: “Suicide, Not an Option”. This is to intimate the students on the possible issues that causes depression and how to manage them as depression is a causative agent in suicidal attempts.

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Implications for Parents

How does matriculation in the University concerns the parents at home minding their business to enable them adequately sponsor their ward’s education here? Well, the truth is that most students do not feel fulfilled when their parents are not presents to celebrate with them. As a matter of fact, students with parents not educationally inclined experience less happiness on that day than students with parents and siblings who are educationally oriented. These ones come to the school environment well prepared. They cook, make everywhere soft and there is plenty to be happy for on that day. They come around, get in contact with other students who are friends to their wards and get contacts from them, which they can easily call when issues later arise to get more valid information.

Matriculation day brings several responsibilities for the parenting community. The responsibilities, though not much but are vital for the happiness of their children here in the university.

Parental responsibility on Matric Day

The following are responsibilities expected of parents on the matriculation day:

  1. Must be present: This implies that they are to leave all important schedules they have on that day and come and celebrate with their wards. Parents who will be unavoidably absent must endeavour to send representatives.
  2. Parents must make adequate preparations for food: This is very important. What is celebration without food? Food brings friends, colleagues and well wishers together. However, there is no need to make it too plenty. Just one average cooler size of food is enough because it is just your family and some friends.
  3. Orderliness: Since many parents and invitees will be here, the security apparatus will make adjustments in the driving patterns within and around the school. Please, as visitors, follow any parts you are required to drive. Do not drive opposite the tide as it will cause gridlock and make the day disorderly. During the last matriculation, in the morning, you can only enter the main gate through the roundabout; however, when going out, you take inside town. Meaning you are to face GSS through Okodi, back to Alamieseiyegha expressway then back to the roundabout, already heading out of Amassoma. Please, if you find yourself in this process, just obey. It is for your own good. However, since the Matriculation is purported to hold in the Convocation Arena, this means that the main gate MAY be for only entry while back road to main campus will be for exit. If this is the case, it will help reduce traffic.
  4. Financial expectation: Nobody comes to the House of the Lord empty handed. You cannot come to the school and leave without paying tithe to your ward. The children accept anything like the Lord. They do not discriminate. Daddy and Mummy, please, do something on Matric day so the children can see road.
  5. Moral perspective: After you (parents) leave Amassoma, matriculation after party will be everywhere. Bars will function overnight. There is bound to be over/heavy drinking, immoral lifestyle, increased theft, and so much more. Please, sit your child down and appeal to him/her to be conscious of his/her movements. You cannot really monitor them, but a word of advice coupled with their upbringing (if good) will help them in this direction. Once it is 9:00pm, they must be at home.

General Information

After matriculation, there will be no time for play again. Exam will heat up and all students will be required to sit up tight. So please, night class is the answer. Students get a whole lot of materials in night classes, including past questions. They also come in contact with course mates where they brain storm on technical issues, update notes, get their ideas on difficult topics and so on.


Matriculation is a memorable day. Make the best experience out of it. Take as many photographs as you can pay for. This will help you keep the sweet memories that you are bound to forget.

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