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Today, the need to plan adequately for students’ academics has never been so exigent. This is as a result of changing times and expectation of parental/ sponsors’ responsibilities.

Many students who enter the university for the first time got perplexed when they see the school fees schedule for the first time. To me, this is not

Michael O'Jules

Michael O'Jules

Vocational Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria

supposed to be so. Students are supposed to see the cost implications even before they buy JAMB form. This is to ensure that adequate planning is put in place or at least, the expected cost is known to avoid aborting halfway.

Many students saw school fees for the first time and they never came back for their files/processing again. To them, the fees are outrageous. But sometimes, it is not the fees that are outrageous. It is however, the way we see things to be. This is because cheap education comes with the problem of poor educational standard, hence, sponsors must understand the imperative for quality education.

I sincerely believe that this document will guide admission seekers, freshers and returning students, parents, guardians, tutors and sponsors in preparing for academic life of their wards.

I expect you to see this document as a tangible estimate towards understanding university cost and not the actual amount payable across all fields and levels. I anticipate that this document will aid you in your drive towards university life.

Download full material here: Total Cost of Schooling in the University


So many students are unaware of the cost implications of schooling in a University. To them, things will fall into places when the time come, hence, they do not give adequate planning a thought. Consequently, there has been numerous cases of school dropouts, diferments and high rate of academic failures as a result of poor educational funding. The fact remains that in the real life, nothing will grow without adequate planning and attention. Many students put their hopes on that uncle that has his own family responsibilities. Many female students has automatically turned to private prostitutes just to sponsor themselves in school. They beg from one boy to another; meanwhile, the boys will only give whence they get or expect to get something in return. In fact, the consequences of not understanding the cost implications of schooling in a University is very significant.

In this publication however, the purpose is to identify the various activities and processes that incur financial expenses and to aggregate all to arrive at a reasonable total as the overall cost for University expenditure. Again, an instance (Case study) of the Niger Delta University is used in this paper.

Expenditure Antecedents

Although University expenditure starts at home, these set of expenses will not be added to the overall cost. Nevertheless, it is imperative to elucidate these antecedents to enable newcomers plan well. Immediately after a student leaves the secondary school, the next step toward University pursuit is JAMB application. In the 2018/2019 Jamb application, the average total cost amongst various CBTs was N6,500. It should be noted that some CBTs charged lesser, while others charged higher. Thus, the cost used here is just an average of several CBTs charges.

From The Very Beginning

  1. Post UTME Application Cost and Past Questions and Answers (N7,000)

The very first expense in monetary terms that admission applicants expend to the Niger Delta University is Post UTME application charge. Although the total cost that the NDU took in this current session (2018/2019) was N4,000 (N2,000 for the form and N2,000 for system charge), both café charges well up to N6,000. Add past question fees of N1,000, you will arrive at N7,000.

  1. Admission Follow-up Cost (N5,000)

Normally, you do not really pay anyone money to get admission, nevertheless, you will need to follow your admission up. Immediately you hear that first batch has been released (in JAMB website), you will need to check with your phone. Sometimes, you will have to visit the café regularly to check for those without good android phones. Sometimes, you will have to re-upload your o’level result again if the first one you uploaded during the JAMB registration is not reflecting in the portal. A whole lots of calling, chatting, browsing occurs in this period. Hence, it is estimated that the sum of N5,000 only will be used to cover all expenses at this stage.

Download full material here in PDF: Total Cost of Schooling in the University

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