Author: Zentus Emeleakpor Pelle

Author: Zentus Emeleakpor Pelle

M.Ed. (In View)

Editor: Michael Jules

Editor: Michael Jules

Vocational Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria

Many students tend to have little or no idea about their life vision. In fact, not many students understands or have formulated an idea of what they will become in life, how life after school will look like and start working it, living it and planning for it. Hence, they graduate and start having hard time.

In this publication, Zentus presents an overview of the dynamism of a vision.

“We have seen a lot of people that died with their unfulfilled visions. Many students have good plans in life but the means, resources and support system to achieve their dreams is scarce or nonexistent.

When you understand the dynamism of vision, you create the avenue to achieve your goals in life. You create the means by putting up structures, generating the resources by using the available/limited time. In doing this, you do not undermine anything; you learn to manage the little resources by supporting yourself in the best possible way you can. If you can’t support yourself others will not also do so. Those who will support you may want to see the zeal in you first that investment expended on you will not be waste.

Always Focus on the Targeted Target that the Vision is Attained

What vision do you have, translate your Vision to a Mission, then translate your mission to Commission and put it into Action.

Every vision can be achieved…

In order to achieve your vision, you must be:

1. Purposeful in achieving your vision

2. Practical with your vision (no need to set untenable goals)

3. Patient why waiting for the time of manifestation 

4. Pragmatic in handling distractions along the line 

5. Proactive to achieve your vision. You must have foresight 

6. Precise about your vision 

7. Pursuing your vision with all keen interest without allowing others to confuse you with their bogus, exaggerated and oversized visions.

Stop procrastination, stop waiting for the world to announce you, you have been given the grace to excel. Sell your vision to the world, they’re waiting for you. You can say to yourself, “I shall make it in life because God has given me all it takes”.

Men who understand principles will hardly fail…

Evangelist Zentus Emeleakpo Pelle

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