Over the years, we have always fingered parents as targeted culprits in the dilemma of woeful child upbringing that has plagued university administration and effective university performance. Today, we bring to you a model of how a well brought up child should look like. Please, meet Obi-Ijomah Chukwuebuka Prince, a 100 level student of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. A studious, moral, humble, quiet, religious and most especially diligent student.

Obi-Ijomah Chukwuebuka Prince

Although we have always published against excessive inclusion of religious activities in academics so that research practice is inherently established, a measure of religious inclusion to enforce moral foundations amongst undergraduates is never a bad idea.

Like most freshers who passed through the accommodation I provided, Prince will always follow up with his normal religious routine he had at home. He reached out to his colleagues to drag (persuade) them to attend his church. For most of us who went to the university and have graduated, we can fully relate with the difficulty in identifying with religion in a highly social environment as the university.

From my observation however, many freshmen who came to the university environment never bothered to check on their religious welfare. For most students, they have been extremely tied down at home, hence, now is the time to explore the world and its fantasies. And in these, some got pregnant, got bad scores, got diseases, far removed from God, and even death.

We hereby commend Obi-Ijomah Chukwuebuka Prince for the personality displayed thus far and his parents for such a wonderful upbringing.

Not many readers will see the need for this post. However, for we who measure the extent of students’ morality and diligence here, the need for a post such as this at this hour has become exigent. For many freshers are caught up in the frenzy of a belligerent and flirtatious life the university have to offer. Not many of them understands the implications first semester results which will be released soon after the examinations.

We have several classes of students here. Those who are extremely religious, the mild religious types and the non-religious types. I will take the mild religious types – even though my model here (Prince) seems to be towing the extreme religious path. Although nothing is wrong in it, but if not tamed, religious timings soon encroach on academic timings. And religion is very jealous. It wants its times of events fully attended. No missing of week days activities. Thus, ill mentored students forget that they are here for academics and not religion. This is a basic issue that has lasted for ages between academics and religion and anyone involved have to be decisive and whatever you choose, you must follow through.


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