Really, What is your yardstick?

Have you ever thought of this question? Maybe not. But soon enough, some of the students especially the freshers will soon find themselves in similar situation where they will have to judge themselves. When you do, with what are you going to judge yourself to know if you are doing well or not?

The fact is that many students tend to be carried away by the glittering and flashings in the neighborhood. To some students, their neighbor(s) have a generator, so I must have. Some have big LCD flat screens with monthly subscriptions watching Zeeworld every day, so they are doing well. Meanwhile, I do not, so, I am not doing well as my colleagues do. Some have cars, they drive around campus everyday and I am not even in their clique. So, I feel bad because I do not belong to their group. Some others have money to buy fuel everyday having regular light but you charge in auditorium – do you lament that? What really is your yardstick for measuring yourself? Is it the above and some other factors related to them?

Well, there is nothing bad leaving affluent life. Some students close to me enjoy that privilege in one way or the other and it feels good. But ask yourself. Why are you here? Because of affluence, religion or academics?

Let me straighten your head – you are here because of academics and as such, the only criterion for measurement here is your overall examination performance and positivity in attitude because the end (your certification) is measured in learning and character.

So, stop lamenting not having as much as your colleagues. You are in the house, your colleague is having light everyday, go to his house and charge your phone quietly, no need to complain. All fingers are not equal – and it can never be equal. Here in Amassoma, don’t ever see yourself judging based on what the next student have. Only feel sorry for yourself when your CGPA is very poor and work hard to get it up. Yes, it is very possible.

Your mates are driving cars around, and so what? Was there a plan before to come here and drive cars or to learn? If there was no plan like that before, why not focus on your studies? Damn! You envy too much and envy kills. Learn to live within your means.

So, learn it today, your yardstick is your almighty CGPA, nothing more. Once you are healthy, you have what to eat, what to wear, what to drink, what to read, and the grace to carry on, let your concern be centred around your performance in test and exams and nothing more.

So now, say to yourself, “my yardstick is my CGPA”. Any other thing is nonessential!

The discussant has been:
Michael O’Jules,
Vocational Business Educator,
Admissions and UTME Nigeria.

Michael O’Jules

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