So, many students (freshers) have been bastardized seeing the timetable. Same people that will not allow person to rest because of timetable. After seeing the timetable, now, their question have graduated to “I do not understand the timetable”. Holy Jesus, save us from these freshers questions.

Anyways, let us do the little that we can. You see, as a fresher, before you can understand the timetable, you must have your list of courses. The timetable is just like the map of the world. If you do not have a country or a specific location you are looking, after a whole day, you must have succeeded looking through the map without attaining anything.

So, drop the timetable first. Go and consult your prospectus. The prospectus is that small book given to you after verification at the Department level. If you have done verification without having a prospectus, you have to go back. But wait o. Some of you have your prospectus already but have not even opened it. Chaie! Sister why? And you are looking for your courses. Shay you see say na you dey do yourself?

So, check your prospectus, write out the list of courses you are offering inside your notebook. Because you will not be carrying your prospectus upadan. If you cannot find your list of courses inside the prospectus, then ask a senior student to aid you. Or keep on opening the pages, you will see tables indicating courses for the various levels and Departments/programmes. Once you see your own, you write them out.

Once sure of your courses, now, invite the timetable. Look at the first course you write inside your notebook. Say CHM 101 (CHM 101 is only for science students. Used as an example here). Then, start to look at the timetable, from Monday 8:00am-10:00. If not there, move again to the next time, same Monday but 10:00am-12:00pm. Continue like that till you see CHM 101. Then, in your notebook, write out your timetable. Inside your timetable, indicate the date, time and venue that you have classes. Once done, put the general timetable away. You do not need it again to confuse yourself.

Do this for all your courses, then, you are good to go.


Remember that 100 level course codes all start with “1”. i.e. 101, 111, 102 and 100. Meaning you will see courses like CHM 101, PHY 101, EDU 100, RST 111, etc. (All courses are just tentative here, however, the “1” is central and sure about 100 level course).

When the code ends with “2”, i.e. 102, it means it is a second semester course.

Also, note that the University timetable is structured for classes to hold from 8:00-10:00; 10:00-12:00; 12:00-2:00; 2:00-4:00; and 4:00-6:00pm.

Each class last for 2 hours

It is possible to have classes from 8:00 right till 6:00 non-stop (You die well)

It is also possible to have just one class or no class in a day (Hurrayyy!)



The venue of each course/class is appended to the time of the class/course. You will see something like ENG BLK 1, meaning Engine Block 1. Others are LT – Lecture Theatre, LH – Lecture Hall, etc. Newsite also have venue codes. Do not be perplexed. Just ask a senior colleague the meaning of the venue code and where it is located. No go ask those okotogbe year one students o. Those guys go deceive you o. Some do not know, they will not keep quiet, they will be referring you to useless directions. So, ask only senior colleagues.

We will stop here today. Tomorrow, more questions will inspire what we will write on. Until then, remain glued to our portal for updated information.

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