Many students has been asking what and what can they actually bring to the hostel now they are hearing that hostel space is limited and not as wide as off campus accommodation. Well, truly, hostel space is limited and there are certain things you cannot bring in. Else, the hostel porter will just pursue you. The eyes when I take dey see some students so is not of the lord at all. I guess some are even planning to bring television. Lols. To the hostel? seriously? Well, all such electronics are not allowed.

Below is a list of items you cannot bring to the hostel.

  1. No furniture: There will be no need for big furniture like big chairs found in normal houses, don’t bring tables for reading, and any other furniture that will occupy space.
  2. No electronics: The school frowns at electronics a lot. No television, no CD and DVD players, no electric cookers
  3. In main campus, no knife or any sharp object
  4. Nothing to generate loud noise especially as indicated in 2 above, no small FM radio that will disturb your co-hostellers.
  5. In main campus, no need for food items except for provision. Since you cannot cook in the main campus hostels, there will be no need to bring in food items.
  6. You cannot bring bed to the hostel. There is already hostel bed for you. The thing be like measurement. Just for your size. If you sabi turn well well for night, na ground you go see yourself.
  7. There is no need to bring in anything valuable to you like money. This is because it is a public lodge. So, anything you bring including your laptop is at your own risk.
  8. In main campus, no stove, no gas cookers, no iron etc. (Note: Although students are allowed to iron, it is a law that you were not supposed to bring in iron. If casala happen, you are on your own).
  9. Bad attitude/Quarrel: If you go fight for hostel, you are on your own. Those Senate guys when no get joy so dey wait for you. Na once them go send you go meet your parents. Look at you? You want to show you have power, go and fight now? Make Senate use you count score. Use you and your school fees take shine. Then for quarrel, our staff here is saying ordinary argument wey them argue, the porter lock their locker and seized their bed. This is to ensure everyone wise up. So, please, no carry your bad attitude go there. Everyone have a bad attitude, but we all learn to curtail it. Please. Mum and Dad don’t really need headache from you this time. Allow them work to focus on their sponsorship job.
  10. No friends: You cannot accommodate another student. This is because the hostel bed space is small. If found, you are out.
  11. No need for plenty things: Please, especially for the freshers, just select few clothes, at least for the first weeks of resumption, once you have settled, you know whats up to add. By the time you carry your community load reach hostel only to find out the space is limited, you may be stranded.

So, here we go. Are you yet to resume? Let these things guide you.

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