The hostel application portal was opened April 15th, 2019 to enable students apply for a space before they resume. This will make it easier for them to resume with hopes that where to stay is no longer a problem.

However, some persons, both café middlemen and students who are doing the work outside Wilberforce may be having challenges over there. When issues arise, please, guide yourself with the following principles.

  1. That you must visit first to generate e-teller for the hostel fees payment.
  2. That after generating the e-teller in ndufees, nothing will happen again from there. You are expected withdraw to to process your biodata because the biodata is tied to hostel registration just as school fees receipt is tied to skill acquisition.
  3. After a successful biodata processing, go to to purchase your hostel e-pin. Click on “get pin” at the top menu of the homepage and follow through. Note that if you have not paid school fees, it will prompt you to go and pay school fees first. Once you have purchased the e-pin, please, endeavour to save the pin. It is better to screenshot, print, or save as pdf file or copy and paste it exactly. When you write it down, you may miss some letters.
  4. Once you have the e-pin, go back to homepage (same website), at the right pane, you will see “Please Check Application Status”. Insert matric number (for students who already have Mat. No.) or JAMB number (for year one students) and your new e-pin just generated and follow through.
  5. The end of this process will take you to the hostel check in slip page. This slip helps you to check in to the hostel. But at this time, your hostel space is not displayed yet. Now, you have to go back to to continue where you stopped (Please, refer to item 2 above).
  6. Now in, generate the e-teller again as if you want to pay again. Then, the page will pop up the normal eteller page to pay up your hostel fees which is N15,200 for all students but N17,200 for male students in Pharmacy and Engineering
  7. After a successful payment here, please, go back to to enter your mat. Number/JAMB number again with the pin. This time, it will display your hostel check in slip with your hostel name, room, bed and space.

NB: Please, note that the hostel application encompasses three basic websites tied together. You must first visit, process e-teller without going further, leave there, then go to, process your biodata, then go to, buy your pin and process your hostel check in slip. Once done, back to www.ndufees again, process the eteller again, pay the hostel fees now, N15,200 or N17,200. Once done, back to Enter your mat/jamb number and pin and you are set to check in.

Hope this helps.

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