Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumo

Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumo

Vice Chancellor, Niger Delta University

Michael O’Jules,
Site Admin

There are insinuations that the Niger Delta University is proposing a two-in-one semester for the 2018/2019 academic session. Here are the things you must know.


  1. Such intent has not been released to the public by the NDU management. What is in circulation is just rumors. Until the NDU release its weekly bulletin on the issue, all such media gossips remains at best, rumors.
  2. A time table is currently in circulation for Management Science which speculates the time and courses for the new session. 8:00am – 12:00pm for first semester, while 12:00pm – 6:00pm is for second semester courses
  3. If at all the proposed session is implemented, it will be with the aim of meeting up with academic calendar. Currently, the NDU resume first semester for the 2018/2019 session on the 26th of April, 2019. This is inimical for the upcoming session, hence, the need for proactive steps in dealing with issues.
  4. Educational bodies, evaluators, programme developers, curriculum development experts amongst others must have been consulted on the issue before (if at all) it will be implemented, hence, students should be at rest, believing that all things will work out for their good.
  5. We await management to release a bulletin on the issue to allay all fears.

Currently, our online survey on the issue is gaining momentum as more respondents favours the new programme (Let’s try it – 77%) as against (Please, take it down – 23%). This indicates that despite the public attack on the programme especially as it will affect students’ knowledge base, more respondents are willing to give it a try.

All efforts to reach the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Idoni Ingezi proved abortive as he did not pick nor return our calls. Nevertheless, by Monday, we shall visit the office to ascertain the veracity of the rumor from him and to get further details if the programme is to be implemented.

Antecedents and Necessities

One may ask why the Niger Delta University is caught up in such a haste? Well, recall that previously, especially since 2016, the Niger Delta University has never pronounced “cheese” completely once without interruptions. From MPC Law strike to Salaries strike to school fees increment strike to workers retrenchment strike to flood holiday and later ASUU national strike from November 4th, 2018 till February, 2019. All through this period, the NDU has never had rest of mind. The undulation these breaks had caused in the NDU academic calendar had necessitated this programme. Currently, we think the Vice Chancellor is on a mission to recover the NDU lost glory and we think all must support him.

With this programme however, one will expect that the NDU students who had stayed at home for more years than they had been in school learning – so to say – will embrace all its parts and move on quickly. Nevertheless, so far, our survey indicates that despite there is a widespread acceptance, others who may not be responsive to the pains of the NDU have adopted stiff opposition.

Strengths of the Programme

Based on the issues surrounding the NDU academic calendar, this new programme if implemented will bring the following benefits:

  1. NDU academic calendar will meet up with national academic calendar
  2. There is all likelihood that the NDU may even outrun other universities like Federal University Otuoke, RUST, Uniben, DELSU, amongst others.
  3. Retain admission for 2019/2020 academic session which is currently NDU greatest threat.
  4. Make up for all the past lost time.
  5. Will enable the NDU to run smoothly at normal pace in upcoming sessions. If this programme is not implemented, the NDU will be hasty in all upcoming sessions.

Weaknesses of the Programme

No programme development and implementation goes without weaknesses or shortfalls in the process. Consequently, the following issues may arise:

  1. Inability to cover course contents
  2. Producing half-baked graduates (what? Just because of one session?)
  3. Increase stress levels which will increase student’s ailments (Malaria is a case study)
  4. Classes will clash. This is because lecturers who might have timing issues will shift their classes and may clash with others.
  5. Carryover students will suffer for it.
  6. Too much pressure on students and lecturers especially on submission of results

Behind the Scene

What many of us opposing this programme may not know is that head of programme developers in the school may have sat down and looked into its possibilities. Educational evaluators must have perused through the proposition and made necessary adjustments if the rumour going round is true. So, the public should be at rest.

The Need to Suppress Your Fears

So many students have been calling in expressing their fears. Well, what you should know is that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Repeat after me “absolutely nothing to worry about”. If at all the rumour is true, it is to your own good as an NDU student. So, nothing to worry about. Nobody will die. It is not to kill you but to build you.

Talking about stress, who really got refined without pressure. Our lives today was as a result of pressure we put ourselves. That is why we perform above societal expectations. While people were doing one assignment as undergraduate students, we are doing more than 30 assignments (in business), learning and learning. That is why today, we do what we do very well. Pressure refines you, not kill you. Common, this is nothing. Just beat it. Just shake it off. It is nothing. I can promise you that. In fact, we shall write to the VC to encourage him to go ahead.

Our Position

Let’s give it a try. We trust the VC’s sagacity on issues of administration. The man has what I describe as “administrative foresight”. Let it grow.

The Discussant has been:
Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules,
Dept of voc. Tech. Edu.,
Faculty of Education,
Niger Delta University.

Michael Jules is an M.Ed. student in the above Department. He is a prolific writer and has volumes of professional and non professional academic papers. Michael is a writer with class and write especially in his own accord. Read more of his papers on Here

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