During the course of schooling in a University, multifarious issues may arise that largely discomfort students. These may be financial issues, emotional issue, relationships, grades amongst others. In this post however, what the author did is to attempt the most bogus ones amongst them.

As used in this study, frustration is anything that discomfort a student or places a student in an unwanted state of feeling. It is that feeling of anger or upset as a result of being unable to change or achieve something. Frustration can set in when students face the following challenges:

  1. Financial lack: Today, many students based their education on hopes, expectation, and on “that uncle that always fails”. Again, many of these students are Christians and I refer to them in the words of Professor Yemi Osinbajo as having “ the illusion of prosperity that frequently distorts our understanding of the actual fragility of our economy”. Because of this illusions, many comes to University without a tangible sponsor. At the end, many are frustrated when things do not turn out the way they expect. In fact, many has left their school altogether because of the continuous frustration
  2. Emotional Stress: Emotion is another aspect of students’ life that can cause frustrations. When our emotions are tampered with, students can be frustrated.
  3. Relationship: Relationship issues and emotional stress are very related. In schools, relationships are formulated from where many has gotten married after their studies. However, many of these relationships later turn sour when one party decide to quit for a better option, or for reasons best known to him/her. These causes heavy emotional stress on the overall performance and even physique of a student.
  4. Grades (1): The inability of students to perform the way they anticipated can cause frustration to students. This is especially so when parents’ expectation is very high. Some students has committed suicide in the past because of poor performance with overrated parental expectations.
  5. Grade (2): Again, some lecturers are sex-crazy. Many students has been frustrated as a result of sex demands from their lecturers. Some lecturers are even ready to fail a student till death. This is very bad. An Urhobo adage says “where a man and a woman has been in one place for some time, sex may always result from it”. I do not per se criticize lecturers-students affairs as even some of the students are the ones going to tempt lecturers. What is termed as “wrong” here is the “lack of consent” factor. If a student cannot subject herself to these things, why not let it go? All these happenings causes frustration. 
  6. Religion: While religion has always contributed to the wellbeing of the students, it has also contributed to the misery of students. In what ways one may ask? Note that school environments are female and male infested. There, relationships sparks everyday. From these relationships comes everyday sexual intercourse. Then, your pastor is waiting for you on Sunday. All the preaching here and there will make you have a rethink of your life and make u-turn. Nevertheless, next week, you are back again into your relationship life “because man cannot live on bread alone”. This circle of repent and redo, repent and redo… causes frustration for those whose conscience are still intact.


Although there are other factors that can cause frustration in schools, these are just a few of them. With time, other factors may be added to the list. Please, feel free to contribute to the discuss by making valuable comments that can aid the next volume.


Based on the above position of the author, the following suggestions are put forward.

  1. Students must identify and establish their sponsors before coming to school. You must not just gather some money, enter the university, then when the money finish, you will start calling people everywhere to help. You must have sponsors first, unless otherwise, you are sponsoring yourself. There is no need to believe “God will provide” even though we know he can.
  2. Avoid relationships in school. It helps. Even if you must, let it be a relationship of someone mature, ready for marriage and can take care of you.
  3. Lecturers who seek sex for grades are not professional. They must stop. The government on the other hand must intervene.
  4. To avoid religious frustration, it is suggested that those who wish to follow the ways of God should hold it to the later. Coming back and going forth will have a bearing on your mental health.