Support from Earlier Tripartite Taxonomy of Vocational Relevance: The Use of Typewriter Under review

This discussion is a continuation of the first perspective on the same issue overleaf. Today, I strongly believe that most of our programmes are outdated. Download here: Superiority of an Argument. My drive is to present stronger arguments against some of these programmes and find my way towards removing or modifying them some.

Consequent upon the above, I submitted papers to the then Head of Department, Department of Vocational and Technology Education on the need to either review of scrap typewriter as a course of study/option programme. My belief about typewriter is not only about the present but in the future. I strongly held that as educators, we do not just look at present needs and formulate programmes, we pry into possible future occurrences and use our findings to formulate programmes. I held that typewriter will not stand in the next 20 years even as it is already being phased out of use.

Michael Jules

Collaboratively, I opined that if we so like typewriter that we cannot forgo it, we should upgrade it to the extent that even in 50 years time, those who hold certificate in it will still use it.

Purpose for Discussion

My purpose of bringing up this discussion is that some authorities have argued that since the government and some organizations are still making announcements on secretarial jobs with typewriting skills, there is every need to teach typewriter skills. Anyways, although this opinion holds, nevertheless, I wish to bring in my earlier tripartite taxonomy of vocational choice relevance. Read here: Tripartite Taxonomy of Vocational Relevance

In the taxonomy above, what I tried to do was to divide the relevance of a career (in this case, typewriter) into three divisions. The first of this division is employability. Measuring typewriter skills in terms of employability in Nigeria today reveals that typewriter is no longer in vogue. Many organizations previously using typewriter has upgraded to computers. There is every need to move along with the labour market, else, the universities will be producing unemployable graduates as stated by Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the then Minister of Finance, Nigeria.

In the second division, which is the business circle, it is hard to tell the relevance of typewriter in the modern business world. This division even deplores the first measurement. Talking about business, how can a business in typewriter sell? Imagine investing N500,000 in typewriter today. Is that not be a waste? I wish to ask those supporting the use of typewriter if they will want their wards to major in typewriting? The curriculum needs urgent attention indeed.

Finally, the last measure here is the social dimension of a course. You see? Today, there is a social dimension of every course of study. It may not initially be about business or money. It may be to save society, or to inform or educate society or even to contribute to society. At the end, due to the importance of such programme, it always comes back with profits. For instance, Doctors Without Borders, and some other non-governmental organizations set out to benefit society are very good examples.

Then again, the social dimensions of a vocation could also mean formulating and establishing programmes in the social space, going to the radio to educate people and other fun activities which may elicit sponsorship. All these and many more are the social dimensions of a course of study. Truly, typewriter has failed woefully again in these dimensions. For it has no social relevance to its holders.


I wish to use this medium to appeal to educators especially within the Nigerian educational system that whatever programme they are to introduce, there must be this foresight on its future relevance. Tomorrow, what you know will matter less. What will matter is your innovativeness and response to situations. Efficiency is currently driving the workplace and typewriter is not in the list at all. Efforts must be concerted to write it off. Even if there are those still looking for it, then they must upgrade.


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