Numerous parents and students has been asking us which accommodation is better between hostel accommodation and off campus accommodation. Some parents/students prefer hostel because of its nearness to class, while some other parents/students prefer off campus because of convenience.

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation refers to accommodation inside a school campus/compound. Hostels are built and managed by the school authority. Hostel fees are yearly and not monthly nor per semester. At the worst level, a hostel can accommodate six students in a single room with six lockers and six bed space. However, at best, we can have self contains for about one or two students. In NDU however, The normal hostel contains six students in each room. Reports have it that new hostels at Okolobiri Teaching Hospital have self contain hostels which are more comfortable. But students staying and receiving lectures in main campus, CHS and Law Faculty cannot go there. Only for practicing medical personnel.







In the Niger Delta University, the following are advantages that accrue to living in the hostel.

  1. Nearness to class: Since hostel accommodations are inside the campus, jumping from the hostel to class and back is very swift.
  2. Readiness of information: Information is very quick to get. Although with the availability of mobile phones, this is no longer an issue.
  3. Cheap life: In hostel, you do not need to buy curtails, paint house, buy electrical appliances, just you and your studies and food. You only need to buy food and wears.
  4. May increase rate of performance: Since you are not bothered about too many things, concentration may be better in the hostel and may result in higher academic performance.
  5. No robbery: For years, we have scarcely heard of robbery cases in the hostels. This is majorly because it is inside the campus.
  6. No rape case: Inside the hostel, boys have not really sneaked in to rape any girl in the Niger Delta University. Unless otherwise, such victim strolled outside the hostel.
  7. Steady light: In the NDU hostels, there is steady light. 24 hours on week days and 12 hours on weekends
  8. Fosters collaborative learning: Since students are always together, the spirit of learning together is always there.
  9. Safety: Safety from all forms of violence is always possible especially from cultist activities, and finally
  10. Fosters spirit of learning: In the hostel, there may be less activities except for school activities. Students may have much chunk of their time studying

NDU Boys Hostel, New Site


  1. Hunger: In the NDU hostel, you cannot cook. You have to be buying food everyday. This will tell on you. Instead of cooking and eating your pot of soup for three days and above, you will be buying beans up everyday. After the semester, when you go home, your feces will be smelling beans. Lols
  2. Discomfort: If you are like me who need comfort, you are not built for the hostels then. Six persons in a space? Damn!
  3. No music: As a music lover, you cannot stay in the hostel then. Except phone volumes and earpiece volumes, you cannot take DVD players to the hostels.
  4. Hospitality: By law, you are not allowed to squat any person. Neither your parents nor friends can stay overnight. Those currently squatting are doing so at their own risk. You are alone in your bed space at night. So, if you have visiting parents, they will use the hotels.
  5. Since you have six persons in the room, there may be disturbances causing you to feel discomforted to read.
  6. Too many laws: Hostel laws are very strong. You cannot even wear shorts around outside your hostel, else, get ready for the Dean of Students wahala. Hope you hear the latest?
  7. Disappearing Provisions: You go to class and come back, some master roommates with master keys can open your cabinet without knowing and your provision will be lessening everyday. Before you see, phew! Milk is finished. Lols
  8. Gossips: Them say them say will kill hostellers. Chai! They can gossip. Everyday, one issue or another in the office. Can you really stay on your own without roommates wahala?
  9. Stinking Toilets: In the hostel, I cannot say that the toilets especially the female hostels are well taken care of. To make matters worse, the female students do not even contribute to the cleanliness of the hostels. Even if you are the one that cares, you will clean and before you come back, your favourite toilet has been mesmerized by the bad ones. How long can you put up with that?
  10. Health concerns: Since girls are prone to toilet health issues, the state of the female hostel toilets and bathroom are really causes for concern as a result of possible health issues.

Off Campus accommodation

Off campus accommodation on the other hand refers to any lodge rented outside the school community. In Amassoma, there are several types accommodation outside school. We have single rooms and self-cons. Single rooms have toilet, bathrooms and kitchen outside. While Self-contains have all these facilities inside. From single rooms to self contains, the cost range from N50,000 to 180,000. Please, refer to Housing Plans in Amassoma for full details of cost.


  1. Free lifestyle: When you live off campus (off k), you have your life to yourself. No laws, no intrusion, you are as free as a bird unless the normal compound rules
  2. Cook your meals: In off campus, you can cook your meals and eat it for a whole week like me. Did you just shout Jeez! And so what?
  3. Freedom for innovativeness: In off k, you have your life to yourself. You can build, create, think and you have the needed space to do whatever you like
  4. Your provision is intact: Anything you buy is intact in as much you do not touch it. It does not disappear like in the hostel.
  5. Programme yourself according to your taste.
  6. You can actually live a comfortable lifestyle as if you are at home if you have the funds.
  7. You can accommodate your friends, parents and relatives who come for visitation. They can actually stay as long as the desire.
  8. Less hunger: Unlike in the NDU hostel, you can cook as you like. therefore, the issue of hunger is lesser unless you are broke. Bad!
  9. Music galore: As a music lover, you can actually play music as loud as you want. No p.
  10. Since you are alone in the room, there will be enough peace of mind to read.
  11. No laws: Off k laws are very minimal and in some cases, there may be none.
  12. Free from gossips: Since you are alone, if you are not the gossiping type, you have the space to stay away from troubles.
  13. Clean Toilets: In the off k, you can take care of your toilet and bathroom the way you like. in the off k, it is the way you make your bed that you lie on it. But in the hostels, someone just come and scatter your bed. You have to lie on it according to how it is scattered. Lols.
  14. If you are a clean person per se, you have no problem with environmental health issues. If there is any, you use your hand to keep the environment clean, and it is better you you.


  1. May be far from school (distance): Off k accommodation may be far from school. Even if it is near to school, the distance from gate to the class is always a consideration. In some schools, it may take 10 to 15 minutes to reach class from the gate.
  2. Information may be scarce: Information may be difficult to get unless you have a good friend who shares quick info with you or you are in the class whatsapp group. Else, “them fit even write exam leave you self, you go dey house dey flex”.
  3. Life may be more expensive: In off k, you may be thinking of having a nice wallpaper painting, television, decoders, subscriptions, light bills, etc. Again, looking soft is another issue in some hostels. It is like competition. Thoe’s lodge, Esse lodge, Q-lodge, Betty’s lodge, etc are all examples.
  4. May decrease the rate of performance: Soft boy no dey loss. You dom fine finish, next thing na friends, girlfriends etc go come full everywhere. Party here and there. Before you remember yourself na when you see your first semester year one result.
  5. Possible robbery cases : For more than a decade in Amassoma, I have not been robbed though. But staying off k may attract more possibility for robbery than living in the campus.
  6. Possibility for rape cases: Rape cases are often heard of inside town than in the hostel.
  7. Undulated power supply: I can hear somebori shouting admin have started. Which one come be undulation? Well undulated power supply means unsteady (off and on) nepa light. In amassoma, the light is being rationed. Even on top that, it is not steady. As at the time of this report, you can actually go a month without light. But as the month ends, duting light bill collection, the light will appear like wiliwili. As we speak, there is light after weeks of no light. Guess what? It is month end already. Chai! NEPA, I hail thee!
  8. Fosters individualized learning: Since you are alone in the house, the extent you learn depends on your knowledge. No one to ask for contribution or assistance unless you go out for night reading.
  9. Insecurity: Although in-house robbery cases has been minimized in the past few years, robbery is more possible in the off campus than in hostels. In fact, walking around the roadside is another trouble. The freshers are the main market for these boys. “Atink ifa call NDDC junction name now, amananowei wee say I af started?”
  10. Fosters spirit of learning: In the off campus, there are lots of activities. It is here you have the birthdays and party mamas. Always having parties in all weekends. Time for studies may be lesser here.

Which One is Better?

It is absolutely difficult to say which one is better. For any position I give will be one-sided. It will surely reflect my personality. So, what we are doing here is aiding you to decide. Read through the post again and make your decision. However, if you are an elaborative person who needs comfort, take off k. Then, if you care about performance and can manage a public life, then take hostel. This is not to say off k students do not perform well. This is just a discussion. You can still live off k and do better. But the convenience of living alone may influence you.

Suggestions for Parents and Guardians

Dear parents/guardians, as you decide on the accommodation to rent for your wards, there are certain issues to look out for. Although in the hostel, all things are constant, i.e. you cannot choose hostel to rent. The system automatically check your faculty and allocate you, however, in the off campus, you should look out for the following areas:

  1. Safety: Some areas in Amassoma are safer than others.
  2. Nearness to school: Please, prioritize the location. It should be a trekable distance.
  3. Water and light: In Amassoma, landlord here just roof house and rent it. Unfortunately, they want a million naira rent for one room. Very bad attitude. Thank God for civilization, this attitude is dying. Therefore, lookout for houses having water and light as many are fetching water outside. Water is a provision in self contains only. Single rooms may get outside water.
  4. Roommate: Too many roommates with bad attitude and no home training. I will advise your wards stay alone. But if there is need for financial collaboration, then look for someone you know.
  5. Always visit your wards and check on them: And so, your ward is about graduating and you have not visited him/her. This is bad. Please, find time to visit.


The Discussant has been:
Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules,
Dept of voc. Tech. Edu.,
Faculty of Education,
Niger Delta University

Michael Jules is an M.Ed. student in the above Department. He is a prolific writer and have volumes of professional and non professional academic materials. This material is classified as non-academic. Michael is a writer with class and write in accord with current trends especially in his own disposition. Read more of his papers on Here

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