Project Writing Made Easy: A step-by-step guide on project writing

Second edition Printed 2015 All Rights reserved.

Published by: MJERC Publishers Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. 08060699054 08050706635

Executive Summary

Over the years, most final year students of Universities has shown and have continued to show deficiencies in writing their research reports. These inefficiencies cannot be deviated from the lack of effective grooming from their first level in school. Research project is a course that was supposed to be taught from 100 level in school down till the third year so that by the time these students enter their final year, they would have very little or no problem in conducting their studies. But instead of this, most Departments and Faculties give little or no attention to research projects from the early stage thereby creating huge problems for students in their final year. Most students face project writing in this final level as a new course altogether. The author also faced the same problem. Little things we ought to know in research were not known until injury time so when most of us were asked to write proposals, we were like “what is a proposal?”We never knew what it was. So many things we did wrongly, we have to pay the price with cancellation of our work upon cancellation. We paid more to typist during this course. What could have been done trice we did tenfold.

It was against this backdrop that the author is poised to put this book together to assist whomever it may concern especially final year students in the Faculty of Education to present their study in a better framework.

Michael O. J.

Download full material here: Research Project Second Edition

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