It has become overwhelmingly surprising how students come to school with the mindset that God will provide everything for them when they have no ready sponsor to handle their academic expenses.

It is alarming how students want to get first class all by praying. It is disturbing when I see students believe that with mere believe in God, whatever they want will be made possible through faith in a God who made all impossible possible.

Well, the truth is not far-fetched. Success in academics is purely as a result of hardwork first, then the grace of God who need to keep you alive all through. This is because being alive is beyond your power.

A sensible person will believe that God created man with all the necessary gadgets needed to sail through life for which producer produces a car without break? So, the requisite credentials to make good grades are already with you. But because some religious personnel has made you dependent all your life in God, it has become hard for you to call these qualities and features of your body to use.

To make things worse, some even believe that attending religious services all through the week and using your academic handouts (monies given students for upkeep) as tithes is what God ever needed to bless you with good grades. Wow! Such a mentality.

Please, when has God started teaching, owning a university or marking scripts that you have to expect good grades from God? If God ever gives good grades, I will rather believe that God is killing students intellectually than helping them. So, that is how God will give you good grades but your head remains empty. So, when you go for interview or now working, it is God that will also give you what to say? Or give you the intellect needed to handle the job description? You see? If you pray for good grades, you have been bastardized for good grades comes from reading and adequate study.

Nevertheless, there are some who read but they do not understand. This is where you needed to call God because these are biological issues that only the maker can correct. I knew some students then who would complain that they read but do not understand that is why they do not bother to follow us to LT ( means “Lecture Theatre”. Halls for classes in NDU) to read. So, I understand that there is this problem of reading but not understanding. So, here you really need God.

Again, sometimes, you may be having health issues as a student, you have been treating for months/years and nothing is happening. Although most of these cases has been attributed to wrong diagnosis, you can actually bring your case up to God for assistance. These are instances where you call God. Not just kicking a stone and you need God for divine healing. Are you normal at all? You can see that religion has turned most of us to dump people who no longer think.

Most of you have never known the power of your mind. You are still too young to understand that your mind is a monster. Your physical body is limited but your mind is boundless. It is so powerful that you can attain just anything once you think it, live it and work it. It is just so.

Know now that if you want to attain first class, you really can but with hardwork. Then pray for grace, life and health, but not for first class. God does not give grades. He gives brain and understanding. For if God should give you grades, you will graduate knowing nothing because you got free grades. Then, you have successfully equated your God with lecturers who will sleep with students or extort students to give free grades.

You must use your academic involvement to glorify your God and not to ask of magic biro from your pastors.

Thanks for reading.

The Discussant has been…
Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules (M.Ed., In V.)
Department of Voc. Tech. Education,
Faculty of Education,
Niger Delta University

Michael O'Jules

Michael O'Jules

Vocational Guidance Counsellor, Admissions and UTME Nigeria