Empire Scholars Club presents: Prestige Electrifying Formulas (for calculus). These electrifying formulas are locally propounded formulas to ease the complexities of most problems on differentiation and integration. There are certain problems that requires at least 30 steps and six pages before arriving at the answer. However, with this formula, you can arrive at the answer with just one step. 

The book launch will also include other books from the same author. They include Sweetfeelings Quotes. These quotes are geared towards inspiring and awakening the sleeping giant (the power of the mindset) in a person’s life. The author aimed to rejuvenate lost hopes.

The third book addresses the Strength of a Woman. This book borders on the right path and purpose of a woman’s existence. Their role in inspiring a their man to soar high and also keeping the right company in the process.

Date: Friday March 22nd, 2019

Venue: Niger Delta University Main Campus Auditorium

Time: 12:00 noon

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