Over the years, numerous clients have been thinking that this portal is owned by the Niger Delta University and they do business with us with such intent of ownership. Although we may have done business credibly to think in such direction, we wish to inform the public on our true identify. This is to avoid trust misplacement, breaches, thoughts of impersonation and lawsuit. Accordingly, the following shall be known about us:

  1. that Admissions and UTME Nigeria is an entity of its own, though, a subsidiary of MJE Resources.
  2. that Admissions and UTME Nigeria is a sole business enterprise that deals on these services.
  3. that neither MJE Resources nor its subsidiary – Admissions and UTME Nigeria – are managed by the Niger Delta University.
  4. that we currently have no statutory relationship with the NDU nor its admission office. 
  5. that we do not do business with the public impersonating the NDU.
  6. that our business within and around the NDU is based on our knowledge of the system, having several links around the institution.
  7. that our business is solely third party in nature and does not infringe on any of the NDU Law, unless otherwise not stated.
  8. that your doing business with us is solely based on your understanding that you are dealing with a third party who can assist you in anyway we so advertised.
  9. that Admissions and UTME does not cheat, defraud nor deceive clients; that should you be defrauded in anyway, you can use our support page to report such incidence and you shall be attended to within 24hours.
  10. that we do not collect money from admission applicants unless otherwise, they so seek for assistance or information about admission processes and a service is extended.
  11. that in the event of any breach of trust, please, use our support portal to lay your complaints.
  12. should you suspect someone is using our name to attempt defrauding you, please, call our support lines immediately – +2348060699054, _+2348050706635


In doing business with us, we believe that you have read and understood these conditions.

Be rest assured of our unequaled services.
The Admissions and UTME Nigeria Team.

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