Hello dear 2019 jambites…

Please, take note of the following.

1. The Niger Delta University does not accept second choice. For the past couple of years, it has accepted first choice and first choice only. Please, be guided accordingly.

2. The Niger Delta University accept 2 sittings of O’level result. Additionally, you can mix two different types of results also. This is to say you can use WAEC and WAEC, WAEC and NECO, or NECO and NECO. This mixture is used when you fail a needed subject in one result, then you can add the second result where you passed that subject. But if the second result is complete, no need to mix. Just use only that one that is complete.

3. You must know the school fees of the school you are applying for before choosing it. I am baffled by the number of students we tell NDU school fees and they begin to shout “Jesus”! So, you did not consult before choosing NDU? Common! That’s pathetic yo!

4. Understand what is indigeneship before choosing a school. You will pay lesser school fees in a school located in your state of origin than in a school outside your state, except it is a federal university.

5. Understand that federal universities pay lesser fees. Some/all do not pay school fees. Just petty other expenses that constitute their fees unlike state universities that are now behaving like private universities paying high school fees.

6. For those choosing NDU, even if your mother is from Bayelsa State, you must use Bayelsa as your state of origin. It is allowed. This is to minimize your school fees.

7. Those who wants to enter NDU through direct entry must buy direct entry form in JAMB and must Aldo buy post UTME form, but will not write post UTME like year one jambites do.

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More info will keep on coming your way from time to time especially as things unfolds.

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