To Avoid breach of trust, we at Admissions and UTME Nigeria believe that you will religiously go through our TENANCY AGREEMENT before making payments for accommodation rented out to you. This agreement is what binds you in your new apartment, hence, landlords, co-tenants and other stakeholders may take action against you in the event you act in breach of any of their terms and conditions. In any accommodation rented to you, all/some of the following MAY apply, depending on the place, landlord or people aroundsuch environment.

  1. Your rent is usually paid and elapse within one year. Unless otherwise stated. 
  2. You shall not rent any part of the apartment to another without the expressed permission of our agents or the landlord.
  3. You have NO permanent rights in the apartment. Your temporary rights are restricted within your apartment.
  4. Your rentage gives you no right over ownership of the apartment.
  5. Please, bear in mind that this is a learning environment, hence, smoking of any sort will be absolutely frowned at
  6. You are liable to pay for your light bills and any other bills so consumed by you.
  7. In some compounds, co-tenants contribute cash to buy chemicals to spray around the environment to kill weeds and keep unwanted insects and animals away. If such is the case in your environment, you are under obligation to pay.
  8. It is your responsibility to keep your apartment clean. You MAY be requested to move out on notice abruptly should we/your landlord notice you constitute an “hazard” to the environment.

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  1. We care so much about how you dispose your refuse. You are expected to manage your waste adequately. In any event you are caught disposing dirt indiscriminately, you may be evicted abruptly (on notice).
  2. Before making any payment for rents, you are expected to survey the house and make your choice. There will no be refund after a choice is made. Unless, otherwise, the landlord deem it fit.
  3. To ensure peaceful coexistence, quarrels shall not be allowed in all our apartments. All emerging issues should be reported to relevant authorities or dealt with amicably.
  4. You shall not bring more persons to live with you in the apartment other than persons originally agreed upon from the start. In the case of family members and/or lovers, all such cases MAY be understandable.
  5. Some Landlords MAY request for CAUTION FEES. This fee is to be kept aside in any event you spoil any part of the apartment, then, it is used for repair, otherwise, returned at the end of the renting year should the agreement is intended for termination.
  6. There shall be no extension of your apartment without the expressed permission from your landlord.
  7. Indiscriminate littering will not be allowed.
  8. You shall not play music with high volumes more than the extent allowed by your co-tenants, unless otherwise, there seems to be no concerns over such.

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Always endeavour to keep a low life. It is best for you.

Please, take note of the above to avoid bridge of trust.

Best wishes…

The Admissions and UTME Team


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