Hello there!

We realized that numerous newly admitted students have not done their clearance till now. Of course, money issues everywhere. And so, many persons have been wondering, since there is no money, how much is the minimum amount I can use to start the process?


Well, here you go….


  1. To start the process, NDU N30,000 acceptance fee must be ready. No negotiations. 
  2. Then, you must go to the court to sign your statutory declaration form. In cities, the court sign for N500. But in some other places like Amassoma, it is done for N1,000. But where intermediaries play a role in it, it cost N1,500. Ok. let us say you did it in the city, which is N500, then we are now talking of N30,500.
  3. Next is Attestation Letters. Recall you need two attestation letters for the process. Well, in the office, we use N500 to process them. But where you are managing funds and you have knowledgeable parents to write attestation letters for you, then take the handwritten letters to the cafe to type them out. A page cost N100. The two then will be N200. New total is then N30,700
  4. Ok. Now, to process your acceptance eteller, you will need to pay N1,500. New total is N32,200.
  5. Next is the payment of document upload fee to the NDU portal. The payment is approximately 1,600. However, cafes charge N2,000. Then we are now at N34,200.
  6. Finally, you will pay for service charge of a minimum of N2,000. Some cafes in the rural areas may charge only N1,500 (but be careful where you do your work. If you make errors, you MAY be paying more than the usual amount. Lets say you are paying N2,000 service charge, then, this is 36, 200.
  7. By now, your work is done. But you will spend some money at the verification centre. 1,500 for verification and N2,000 for Faculty Journal (Faculty Journal payment depends on Faculties. Some Faculties have not started paying for Journals)


So, with a minimum of N36,200, you can accept your admission. 

But take note that by the time you complete your clearance, including N2,500 for Acknowledgement Slip, the total money would have reached N46,000. If you are budgeting N36,200, this is just to allow you accept the admission only. Jamb admission letter, results, NDU admission letter and some other documents have not been included, and you must do them. You cannot run away from the balance.

For confusion, contact our support team…