Hurray! In line with appeal and request from students, we now have compendiums of past questions and answers for your consumption. Past questions help you to familiarize yourself with technique in exam questions and to ascertain the pattern and format a particular exam questions can take, thus, helping you to prepare well. Produced by Kelrich educational Publishers and Marketed and Distributed Nationwide by MJE Tech Centre, beside RCF Tent, Gloryland Campus Main Gate, Amassoma.

To get a copy, call: 08060699054/08050706635

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We have past questions and study notes for:

General Biology I (Study Notes) N1,800

General Biology II I (Study Notes) N1,800

Physical and Inorganic Chemistry (Study Notes) N1,800

Algebra Trigonometry (Mth 101 & 105) (Study notes) N1,800

Organic Chemistry, CHM 102 (Study notes) N1,800

Electricity & Electromagnetism – PHY 102 (Study notes) N1,800

Mechanics and Property of Matter-PHY 101 (Study notes) N1,800

Calculus – MTH 104 & 106 (Study notes) N1,800

BIO 101, CHEM 101, MTH 101 and PHY 101 (Past Questions and Answers) N2,300

BIO 102, CHEM 102, MTH 104/106 and PHY 102 (Past Questions and Answers) N2,300

Past Post UTME Questions and Answers (for Jambites) for Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, Basic Medical Sciences, Sciences, Education, Agriculture N800

Past Post UTME Questions and Answers (for Jambites), for Business Administration, Social Science, Arts, Law, Management Sciences and Humanities N800

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