Over the years, the unchecked activities of educators especially within tertiary institutions in Nigeria who were supposed to teach, mentor and impact knowledge on the younger generation has become a course for concern. Before now, teachers used to have lovable platonic friendship with their students. This friendship was necessitated with the belief that effective teacher-student relationship fosters positive interest in the subject so taught by the teacher. Hence, having more students who are in good terms with a teacher becomes an indicator that such student will do well in such a course/subject.

Unfortunately, the tide has turned. The primary intention of teachers nowadays now seemed to have sexual intimacy with their students. While the author is not totally against the notion of a positive teacher/student relationship, the idea that a student is forced to have sexual intercourse with a teacher otherwise fail a course is inconceivable.

Currently, we have numerous reports on specific lecturers who had in the past forced students to sleep with them with the threats that if the student refused, she will fail such course till final year even till extra year. Around the university environment, there seemed to be no institution preventing this act. No one to run to. Any student who finds herself in this predicament, the only thing to do is accept, otherwise, suffer. Parents are at home, some are not literate enough to take action. The ones who are literate happens to be too busy with life. So, our students suffer in the hands of these pedophile lecturers whom against the fact that they are married, sleep around with anything on skirt. This is very unfortunate. The time for action is now!

As it stands, we have a case of an underage Medical student whom a lecturer of more than 60 years wants to sleep with. This is wrong. All our contacts persons from whom we have made enquiries all pointed to the fact that the girl in question must sleep with the lecturer or fail till final year. This is unacceptable. I have been given tens of instances where girls refused to have canal knowledge of this lecturer and failed till final year. Out of frustration, the girl agreed in final year and passed. What a shameful nation. Sometimes, I wonder if these crops of educators have shame in their eyes.

It would have followed that when an academician climb to the acme of the academic ladder, at the mention of his/her name and title, all other lower level personnel begin to fall down and die in awe (so to say). Instead, their activities make others spite the academic titles attached to their names. This is inimical to the growth and development of academic institutions in the country. The most painful aspect of these crops of lecturers is that they do this with spite, contempt and with a mindset that no one can do them anything. In the words of a lecturer, these teachers harass students indiscriminately.

The author too have his own share of experience in this regard. The author graduated from the Niger Delta University under Prof. Chris Ikporukpo as the then VC. As an undergraduate then, there was one lecturer who happened to be the then H.O.D, later a Professor and Dean of my Faculty. This man has in no small measure spoilt the name of my school which we collectively work hard to build. This man collects money from students and sleep with female students indiscriminately. He has no regard for anyone nor the name of the institution that feeds him. He sees himself as a lord that no one in the school can do anything, not even the Vice Chancellor. Even at the post graduate level, he has started again, collecting a seemingly statutory levies from students. You either pay or fail. These things, to say the least, are highly annoying, unpleasant, despicable and provocative.

Owing to the disturbances these things creates in our minds and hearts, we have decided to meddle in these issues. We shall publish names from henceforth. Any lecturer found wanting will not go unpunished. However, our approach shall be modern, technical, total, investigative and objective.

Our Possible Partners

Currently, we have contacted several civil right groups. We have also written to the office of the Vice Chancellor, Niger Delta University. We have written to the office of the Commissioner for Women Affairs, Bayelsa State; Commissioner for Education, Bayelsa State; we have reached out to the Chairman, Society for Social Media Development Initiative, Abuja; the Miss Globe participant for Nigeria, among other organizations that may be sympathetic to our movement.

Our Action Plan

Our findings shall first of all be submitted to the office of the Vice Chancellor for possible treatment. Again, in extreme cases, we shall forward reports to law enforcement agencies, human right groups and government agencies that can help in this direction.

Therefore, all graduates and students are enjoined to give objective reports on their experiences that will aid us forestall such occurrences in the future and to prosecute offenders. Be rest assured that your identity will be in strict confidentiality.

Our primary purpose of embarking on this journey is to prevent occurrences like this in the near future and not to prosecute any. However, when instances that require prosecution arise, such cases shall be treated accordingly.

We therefore, appeal to all parents, guardians, tutors, graduates/alumni, civil right groups, sympathizers and other agencies to give their support to this movement. It is our hope that together, we shall put an end to sexual harassment within the university environment.



The Admissions and UTME Team.


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