In this life, the need for collaboration has always been a major part of our daily endeavour. As the saying goes, “cooperation makes rice full pot”. In whatever we do, getting assistance and collaboration of others has always made some ventures worthwhile.

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In the school environment, collaboration had also played out in the areas of accommodation. Sometimes, rents can be so high and overbearing that after paying school fees, the money to rent accommodation becomes difficult. Hence, in a bid to make accommodation cheaper, students often collaborate to share rents. In this case, a rent of 60,000 is shared among two or more students where each student bear 30,000 each or lesser, depending on the number of collaborators.

However, even as collaboration has become a necessary part of students’ life, issues has often arisen as a result of two or more students leaving together. Accordingly, in this publication, we intend to look into some salient areas that students must consider before choosing a roommate. But before then, let us look into some basic features of room sharing.

Features of Accommodation Sharing

In the universities and other tertiary institutions’ environment, students often like the idea of sharing accommodation. This is to lessen the burden of rent. When two or more students share a rent, it lessens other parts of their daily expenses and general chores such as:

  1. Light bill payment
  2. Food stuff
  3. Chores sharing
  4. Better house design as a result of more ideas
  5. Things still goes on fine when one is down healthwise
  6. It creates bond and friendship (if well handled)
  7. It can also create discord in cases of misunderstanding
  8. Some students who claim to be wiser may avoid work, thereby leaving only one partner to do more work or pay more.
  9. Stingy students also make accommodation sharing strenuous.
  10. Students with wealthy parents and who are willing to give makes house sharing pleasurable.

Basic Problems with Accommodation Sharing

The Stingy types

In my days in school, I had a very soured and also a sweet experience of accommodation sharing. The first experience was the soured one. My roommate then, was the stingy type. Very stingy. That type that never has money. At a time, I wanted to nickname him “I no get”. If you have these types of roommates, stress fall on you. It is like you die well. They can use 300 to cook pot of soup, while you like to use 1500 and above to cook. If you want to live flamboyant lifestyle, you will have to live that alone by yourself, with yourself and from your pocket. But at the end, they and their friends still get to eat a better portion of the food. It is that bad. So, to avoid issues, you look well before choosing a roommate.

The Hardworking Types

But unfortunately, it is hard to know a good roommate on the spot, because you have not known him/her before, especially for the year one who are just coming. Some roommate may not be stingy, but as a result of not having, they may be restricted to perform. So, basic contributions in the house may bring issues. But we have different types of students who do not give. Some do not give because they do not have. And when they have, you will know. Additionally, these types are very hardworking. You see them doing all work due them. They do not usually draw back when work calls. Since they do not have, they tend to use physical work to cover up for their financial lack. And when you have those types of roommate, bearing the bill is not really an issue because you know they do not really have.



Lazy and Frugal Type

We also have those who do not have and do not want to do. These are the wicked types. They are extremely stingy. They can hold 500 in their hand for the whole week unused. The money be like coven money, them no dey touch am. That last card? Mba! They like cutting all edges because truly they do not have. If those who like to live elaborate lifestyle are merged with students like these, they have a whole lot of issues.



The Miserly Type

We also have those who have a whole lots of money, but stingy. They are the type that can buy Ferari upon graduation as a result of savings from what their dad have been giving them. They have hundreds of thousands in their account, but they make you believe they do not have, you keep on paying and paying and eating from you who do not even have bank balance.




The Gluttons

We also have those students who want to eat everything. Chai, sister why? They eat from anything to anything. Their mouth is food disposal centre. Anything their eye sees, they must eat. They pick from here, pick from here, pick from anywhere they get to – no boundaries. The painful part is that they are still stingy. Chaie. If only you waka carry your leg go jam those types, you will be regretting everyday in the house. You will be expecting the rent to expire so you can find your way.




The Easy Going Type

We also have those persons who always want to make everything ok. Blessed are their soul. They do not mind you and your character – good or bad. All they cared for is that let life move on. If this one fall on you as a roommate, please, cherish him/her.


The Borrow Borrow Make Me Fine Type

The last but not the least are those who like to borrow upandan. They can borrow for Africa. They borrow money, pants, clothes, food, textbooks, just anything borrowable. Chai. Amaka but why? Please, if your name is Amaka, no hard feelings. But Amaka why? Why borrow upandan? Lols. I heard that two female students sharing a room were looking for a pant, unknowing to the owner, the other one was putting on the pant. Am dead.


The above publication was not made with anyone in mind. It was based on a general perception over years. So, anyone that affects you must also affect others. The fact is that there are different kinds of persons in life, and we all have our own shortcomings. So, we all learn to deal with these shortcomings. If however, you happen to be among the stingy type, endeavour to change because stinginess kills you. You must be frugal does not mean you have to be stingy.


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