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Have you ever paid any money to the Niger Delta University account wrongfully? Ouch! The notion has been that such money is gone. Before now, our impression was like NDU pocket is like a girlfriend pocket. Any money that goes into it is phew! Long Gone. However, as time goes on, we came across processes which indicate that you can indeed retrieve your money from NDU.

Most persons in previous years have paid acceptance fees to the NDU before, and later happened to be unable to continue with schooling within that same period. Even deferment option was not possible in their instance. Some others had paid school fees, yet others numerous fees which they would not have paid if events happened on time. Now, they can no longer continue with school and it all seemed their fees have been paid in vain (This publication refers to only year one students. Some payments may not apply to upper level students, e.g. acceptance fees).

There still happened to be cases whereby monies meant to be deposited in personal were wrongfully deposited in school fees account. Although this happened when school fees was paid manually in the bank. This is no longer possible as school fees are paid through the online e-teller. When you find yourself in any circumstance stated above, what can you do? Can you really retrieve your money from an academic institution like the Niger Delta University? So much questions, with seemingly no answer.

Why There is a Possibility

The Niger Delta University is a fully registered academic institution meant to train educated manpower for the use of society. Therefore, as a registered institution, it is not intended to defraud anybody, hence, if there happened to be an instance where it needed to make a refund, surely, there should be a refund if all requirements are met. In fact, it was you who made the wrong payment in the first instance, so, when you find yourself in such instance, be patient with the system and write to the relevant offices. Additionally, the NDU had in time past, attended to cases like this. So be assured that you can retrieve your money if and only if your case is valid.

How Can I Retrieve my Payment?

If you had paid acceptance fees or school fees to the Niger Delta University and you wish to discontinue even before you started, you have to write the relevant offices that this type of case is concerned. In an academic institution such as the NDU and beyond, different cases are handled by different offices. In this case, the most relevant office is the Bursar’s office (the bursary). Yes, the bursary handles all financial details of the Niger Delta University. So, you will need to write the Bursar outlining the circumstances, what led us here and why you now wish to discontinue.

Another most relevant office is the Vice Chancellor’s (VC’s) office. Sometimes, when you submit to the bursar, the bursar MAY decide to send your letter upward to the VC for approval and signing. But we recommend you send a copy to the VC and copy to the Bursar’s office. In this case, the matter is more efficiently and quickly attended to.

When submitting the letter, please, ask the secretary when you are coming back to track the letter. The secretary will give you a date. On that day of return, you are to come with a stamped photocopy of the letter or the date you submitted the first letter so as to enable the secretary track where your letter had been sent to. On your return, you should get a reply as to the possibility or impossibility of such retrieval of funds. We believe that the reply will surely be in the affirmative.

Take Note

The Niger Delta University reserves the right to refund. Since you were the one who made the wrong payment, it is your turn to use the right words in your letter. Your letter must not contain words that seemed to incriminate the NDU. Such may cause disapproval from the management. Kind words, words of appeal, words acknowledging your plight, words showing your error may contribute to quicker approval. Please, note this. Very important.


Do you have any case of such that you wish to pursue and you do not know where to start from? Please, visit our support page to contact us now.