Umeh community in Delta State today 1st December, 2018 was set agog when four brothers got married. Initially, invitees were looking scared when they got to the marriage ground only to see four couple canopy stand. It was initially rumored that only one man was getting married to four wives. This was so because not many were informed by their respective hosts that the day will contain three other brothers.

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The light of the matter started shining forth when close relatives disclosed that actually, three brothers were getting married. But many were still unsure when four stand still stood erected by the edge of the marriage ground.


It all happened that four whole brothers were getting married. Two brothers married two wives each, while the other two brothers married one wife each, making it a total of 4 brothers, six wives. Umeh community was a behive of activities today as many persons troop in just to witness the occasion.

Amongst the popular musicians who came to play was the Urhobo musical maestro, the living legend himself, Sally Young. He played so weakly and faintly, but the familiar tone of his drew people from all canopies who came closer to take a closer look of the aged living legend.

Below are the pictures of the four couples

1st Couple (Monogamous)

2nd Couple (Monogamous)

3rd Couple (Polygamous)

4th Couple (Polygamous)

We use this opportunity to wish all four brothers and their wives a lovely and fruitful married life.

Sally young

Some more pictures


One of the brothers happened to be Assembly Obaro of Obaro Communications, besides corpers’ lodge, school gate, Amassoma.

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