Since the printing of the Personal Data Form and Biodata started, numerous students have accused us of charging them twice for one document since both documents mean the same thing. This is what you must know.

The Personal Data Form

The Personal Data form is a form that contains your NDU details and some of your basic details. This form and clearance dertificate comes together. It is the page one of the document, while page two is the clearance certificate. However, this year, the admission letter has been added to it, making it admission letter page one, personal data page two and clearance certificate page three. This document is mainly for NDU management. Meanwhile, the biodata is mainly for departmental and Faculty consumption. Below is the sample of the Personal Data form which comes along with clearance certificate.

Clearance Certificate

Download document in doc format here: Personal Data Form

The Bio-Data

Unlike the Personal Data Form, the Bio-data used to be a form collected free from the department, filled and returned. But as retrenchment issues became rife last year, the NDU management took some of the responsibilities from the Departmental staff and brought them online. This Bio-data is a very good example. The Biodata contains all your educational qualifications from primary school till date, while the Personal data contains only your personal information and NDU details. Note however that both documents have some information in common. Below is an example of a Bio-data form. It is a three paged document. That is, page 1, 2, and 3.

Bio-data Page 1

Bio-data Page 2

Bio-data Page 3

Download Doc format here: Biodata

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