Can I Change My Course in Year One?

It is a recurring phenomenon that courses that university applicants applied for can be changed. When your course is changed, Universities and JAMB have provisions to change such course back to either the one you initially applied for or to another related course if your original course is occupied.

The following therefore, are ways to change your course back to your desired course:

Regularize the admission

In your JAMB profile, there is a button we call “REGULARIZATION”. Just log in to your profile and on the home page in your profile, scroll down. Read carefully, you will see regularization as one of the last option. With regularization, you tell the school and jamb that the course offered to you is not what you want or can offer and therefore, plead to change back. There is a little difficulty here to go back from where you were thrown from because that Department was filled before you were given another course, so going back may be difficult. If you were however, advised by the admission officer or the verification officer to embark on change of course, then we process the regularization, the applicant will sign and date the form, then the form is taken to the admission officer who will then forward to the VC for signing.

Afterwards, the form it taken back to the admission officer who will then send it to JAMB to effect the change. If you are the one rejecting your course (I do not mean pressing reject button in jamb website), this provision will not be open for you. It is often open to those who have certain deficiencies in their o’level result and are advised to change. The course to change to is often chosen for them by the Verification officer. But this circumstance of deficiencies in O;level may not occur this year because JAMB now uses your O’level to grant you admission. That is why o’level re-upload message was sent numerous times this year, something that was hardly seen in previous sessions.

200 Level Change of Course:

Another way to change your course is when you get to 200 level. You will be required however, to study the current course you have been granted admission to study. Accordingly, to be able to change, your performance must meet up with required criteria. For example, you must not be owing the current department any course, as in, having any carry over. Your CGPA must also be within the speculated CGPA. i.e. 3.00 and above.

Please, refer to the new department to make all such inquiries. In any event you fall short of these requirements, just know that you are stock in that department. This is why we don’t really give clients hope of using this means to change because of requirement issues. It is better you settle for that course you are given. If the change later work in year two, fine, else, just shake it off. Another problem here is the issue of the number of students a department can take.

For courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, there are stringent measures as to the highest number to admit per year. In year one, the number of students admitted is always above the number of students NMA can index, so at year two, the Department is already looking for ways to push students to other areas. That is why in NDU, if you cannot pass certain courses in those areas, by year two, you are out already.

So, how possible do you think you will be accepted to Medicine in year two when they are fighting to push people out. In fact, during the last change of course, we receive reports that the Dean told Senate that the Department cannot absorb more students. So, the hope of all those who accepted their admission last year with the intent of changing in year two were dashed.Take note however, that this type of change is more easy in other faculties like Education, Agricultural Science, Management Science, etc. Law, Pharmacy, Medicine and the likes are more difficult.

Accept the Course and Buy JAMB Form Again

You can also accept your current course, study it and buy JAMB form again. If you write again and nothing happens in the next attempt, then you know you are already in school. Of course, you can attempt the options above as other channels of making it work by all means. This option is always the best because if you reject this admission and next year nothing happens, then you are staying at home for two more years. Is that not painful? During the last admission that brought the current year one in, an applicant who applied for Medicine was given Nursing.

He did not like the Nursing but have to study it. This year, the mother bought JAMB form for him, he wrote and perform well. When I got wind of it during the post UTME which we processed, I called the parents that since the child needs Medicine by all means, then there will be need to use all possible means to get the admission to ensure that the course is not changed. Of course the parents cooperated and at the end the Medicine came in this current admission.The point here is that “Do Not Reject Admission”. What if my client do not “know road” and did not get admission? Of course he still have Nursing to beckon on. Never reject admission, always make consultations, you will find way.

Always remember that the best way to get what you want is by performing well. When your scores are good, you increase your chances of being admitted. For more info, endeavour to visit our support page and contact our lines.



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