Numerous admission seekers and freshers who just gained admissions had been asking this question, “how much is my school fees”. At this juncture, it has become overwhelmingly important to discuss it here. This is to ensure that each one knows his/her stand before taking further decisions – How Much Is Niger Delta University School Fees

In my earlier paper on Five Considerations before Career Selection in 2017, I maintained that school fees determination is one key consideration before career selection. This is because if you do not determine the school fees before choosing the course, when you are admitted, you may not be able to meet up. My assertion above beckons on the fact that many applicants granted admission in the past never returned to NDU whence they learnt of the school fees. They may have perceived the school fees to be around a manageable figure without making consultations to ascertain the fact.


How Much Is Niger Delta University School Fees

For the 2018/2019 Niger Delta University school fees, although management have not brought out the bulletin containing the school fees, rumors are rife that the school fees did not change for this year. However, the major fear we are currently expressing is whether management will still say “PAY WHAT YOU PAID LAST SESSION”, a very tactical and technical way of increment. This technicality will not affect year one, only year two and three students are affected. Because instead of paying decreased school fees, you keep on paying what you paid earlier. Our hope now is that the status quo ante is maintained.

Accordingly, should the fees remained the same for this new session, then the following is likely to be what you will pay.

Download School Fees Schedule in Pdf Format Here: How Much is NDU School Fees

Download School Fees Schedule in Word Format Here: How Much is NDU School Fees

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