Life has not always been fair. You dream of a well paying job, you get far below what you bargained for. You dream of a nice family, yet still searching. You wanted to be rich, yet still struggling. The intricacies of life are indeed in continuous perplexities.

Within the university environment, students who also dream of a particular career do not always get what they want. Some in the past had wanted to be Lawyers, but university admission granted to them saw them thrown to another field of endeavour. Because of this change of career, some students had remained home for a very long time, some even three to five years. Of course, there may be some that never went back to school again.

In the light of the above, due to possible consequences of course rejection, it has become overwhelmingly important to take wise decisions whence your course of study is changed. This is because of possible unpleasant consequences when courses are rejected.

The Course Changes

In the universities, it is a yearly phenomenon that courses which students had earlier applied for are changed. This is because the amount of students who may apply for a particular course may be more that the capacity of the school. However, there are other courses that have lower patronage than others. Therefore, the Vice Chancellor, based on his discretion can apportion students who do not stand the chance of being admitted to their chosen course to another course that still have space. Sometimes, the new course is related, sometimes, it is a bit unrelated, depending on what is available. The idea here is that instead of letting go of these students, they should be admitted to other courses that still have space.

What Should You Do If Your Course Is Changed?

Counselling students on changed courses have proved to be one of the most difficult task in the history of guidance counselling services. This is because there are numerous factors that may be tied to the situation. The father, mother, peers, the bearer, the counselor and even some unseen forces like time, location, etc.

From our view however, when your course is changed, we do not support rejection of admission. Our argument is that if you reject this admission, what is the guarantee that you will get admission at all next session? Of course, we have seen people in this shoe before. Rejecting admission the way they like as if they own a university, but look! In the next session, nothing came out.

So, our advice is simple. Accept this admission, and find a way to work it back even if it seems impossible. If you know people, they will change it for you. But since we are aware that it cannot work for everybody, then study that course. Then take JAMB again even as you are already a student, write the JAMB, take Post UTME, and see how it goes. If you earlier applied for Medicine and you are a true Medicine student, your performance will tell. The Medicine shall come. Another way too is that in this second trying, you don’t leave the admission to chance. Make consultations. I have a year one student studying Microbiology, while he applied for Medicine. This year again, he wrote UTME and Post UTME and scored well. I advised the mother to make contacts because they needed the Medicine at all cost. Of course, the Medicine came and the child is now at the verification stage. Making contacts is very important in the admission process especially for those wanting high demand courses. This is because there are those who by virtue of their positions have a number of names they submit for admission. Of course, the host community too have a number of names allocated to them. This happens in almost all universities. So, making consultations to be included in a list can also aid admission faster.

A major reason why we advise you to accept the first admission and reattempt even while you are already in school is that should you reject the first admission and no admission was granted in the following year, then you may end up regretting things. Depression, emotional issues and all forms of negative thoughts will then set in. I had friends when I was young whose parents would not allow to accept anything other than Law, of course it was tears all through for three year. The most painful part is that after wasting three years while we were already about entering 400 level, she settled for philosophy. Is that not pitiable? Even that, it was she herself who have to use strong will to accept it. So you see? Course rejection has not always been in your best interest. Accept the admission, study it and reattempt. Don’t believe you wasted money, think rather that you learnt something.

Please, feel free to reach us through the support page or via the author’s contact below.

Michael O’Jules,
Lead Researcher and Vocational Business Educator,
Admissions and UTME Nigeria,
Beside NDU Gloryland Campus Main Gate
RCF Entrance,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State

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