Delta University School Fees Deadline

The Niger Delta University has given deadline for Clearance, Verification and School Fees Payment. According to the report in the admission letter, newly admitted students can only print Admission Letter and Clearance Certificate after payment of School fees not later THAN TWO weeks after PHYSICAL VERIFICATION after which the admission offer will be VOIDED and your SLOT be given to ANOTHER – The Niger Delta University School Fees Deadline

Again, the report noted that all the processes stated above must be completed within THREE WEEKS from the date of notification of admission. This is to say you are to check the date you receive the admission sms and count the three weeks from that day.

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Why the Deadline?

Due to the deadline given, many comrades, parents, teachers, tutors and guardians and NGOs  have raised concerns over what they termed as “irresponsive” policy. Is that true? Well, there are certain multivariate factors you must understand about a system before you criticize. Of course, everyone will be happy with lousy policies not until the institution fails.

Recall that during Chris administration, financial policies were very stiff. I remembered students paid 10,000 extra for late school fees payment. Then, there was general consensus that NDU laws are animalistic in nature because the students were perceived not to be considered in most of these policies. But as economy begins to crumble, even for the staff of the school, the management set up policies that favoured not only the staff who have wards in the school, but also the students and parents across boards.

Then, management brought the policy of 60%:40%. This policy allows you to pay 60% of your school fees and get receipt for such payment and continue classes and then pay the balance of 40% at a later convenient time. From our own observation, this policy brought a whole lot of problems for the management as students then felt relapse. Some started playing Merrybet, Betnaija and so on with their school fees.

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Many things went wrong from what we saw in the office about our students’ clientele. As we speak, a considerable percentage of students have not paid 2016/2017 and some 2017/2018 school fees. If we would ever speculate, we can estimate that these two sessions experienced the highest number of students who have not paid/completed their school fees. As we speak, less than N20,000 is remaining in our account from a student’s school fees who was given full school fees including other extra fees like skill acquisition, course enrolment, etc., but decided to utilize the money because school will not do anything.

Although the money had been paid in full, he was claiming that transfers was not going through and decided to transfer the money in “peanut tranches”. The highest we received was 75k out of about 140,000. Even upon this, the 75k was requested a million times in bit till it reduced to 20k. At a point, I suggested seizing the balance and requested to speak with the parents because he claims the parents are the ones requesting for the money. What choice did I have? Little did I know that the school fees was entering Merrybet account. Pathetic.


So Should NDU Be Blamed? (Our Stand)

The Niger Delta University had come up with certain policies that we criticized. Yes we did. Worker’s retrenchment (this was from government though), students’ union ban, MPC riots and some others. But on this school fees issue, while we want the school to give a date before resumption of academic activities for the freshers, we are fully supporting the NDU management for this policy. Although some of these policies are merely to make students pay on time, should any students pay late and the admission retrieved, that becomes his/her responsibility. This policy is to inculcate how serious schools fees payment is to the management in the minds of the students. In petroleum industries, the crude is sacred. You steal the rude, you are sacked. So too, school fees as the major source of income to NDU should be treated as sacred by both management and students. This is how administration is run. Not because the school is a government school we begin to behave lousy as though it is no man’s business.

Has NDU Retrieved Admission Before?

Yes. In the 2016/2017 academic session, exactly 260 names were listed to be among those whose admission were retrieved in a PDF file.

Download the Pdf file here: Addition and Deletion List for JAMB from NDU 2016-2017 Admission(1)

These names were widely published in the NDU website then. There was a special case of a student who had accepted the admission and even paid school fees but his name also appeared. We have to forward his details to the ICT Administrator then for possible action, a case that was resolved with immediate alacrity.


Why Should the NDU Retrieve Unaccepted Admissions on Time?

Currently, we have numerous WhatsApp groups for freshers. While many yet to be admitted applicants are lamenting for admission, some already admitted applicants are unable to accept the admission. Is it not better to take the admission back and give to those who can accept? If acceptance of 30,000 with other miscellaneous charges of say 15,000 is difficult for you to pay, this is an indication that the school fees will be a headache for management. So, now is the time to retrieve admission and give to those who can pay. Meanwhile, as many as those whose admission may be retrieved, they have another year to work hard to put themselves together financially. This is the best way forward for both management and the yet to be admitted applicants. The cases of not accepting admission is wastage of admission and badluck to other applicants – The Niger Delta University School Fees Deadline


Our Suggestions to the NDU Management

At this juncture, we appeal to the management of the Niger Delta University that the deadline for school fees payment should be extended to the week before resumption of the 2018/2019 academic session. This is to ensure that salary earners gather their salaries for the next two months to pay up. Failure to pay at that time, the management will be on a good course to retrieve admissions. This is to ensure that no admission is wasted and those not admitted granted provisional admission.

The discussant is:
Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules,
Lead Researcher and Vocational Business Educator,
Admissions and UTME Nigeria,
Beside NDU Gloryland Campus Main Gate
RCF Entrance,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State

The Niger Delta University School Fees Deadline

5 Ways of Avoiding School Fees Fraud (SFF) By Parents of University Students


The Niger Delta University School Fees Deadline
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