In the course of any financial transactions, there are always possibilities of fraudulence or wrong practices. Sometimes, while the intent may not be fraudulent, wrong approaches and methods or mistakes had caused many parents financial fortunes. School fees payment is not excluded – How To Avoid School Fees Fraud In The University.

In the course of paying school fees over the years, many sharp practices had been previously employed by both students and café attendants. Sometimes, there may be a collaboration between the student and a third party positioned to testify to a statement. We have seen and heard of numerous cases of School Fees Fraud (SFF) and other related financial fraud being prosecuted by the security agency in NDU.

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Sometimes, students use their school fees to play gamble. Merrybet, Nairabet, MMM and numerous others are cases we have seen. Read abut some of these cases here. Some students also do business with their school fees which later turn unexpectedly bad and result in bad debt. Some are also caused by theft. Earlier this year, part of a year one student’s school fees was snatched around 5:00pm by the roundabout in Amassoma, Bayelsa State. Although we have to involve security personnel, reports on retrieval were very scanty then. Issues that may cause school fees fraud are endless.


How To Avoid School Fees Fraud In The University

Accordingly, it has become very imperative to enumerate ways of avoiding such practices. The following therefore, are parental ways of avoiding school fees fraud amongst students and café agents – How To Avoid School Fees Fraud In The University.

  1. Parents should deal directly with TRUSTED COMPUTER PERSONNEL.
    Currently, almost all fees in the Niger Delta University are paid online. This is by virtue of our most advance Vice Chancellor who understands the tenets of best financial practices. Even parents can now confirm if truly a fee is paid by login in to the student’s profile in with the student’s email and password used for that account. Since all payments are online, it is better to transfer the fees to the PERCEIVED TRUSTED café attendant so that they can pay the fees and hand over receipt to the students. This process is better. It is therefore, the onus of the parents to find a trusted third party to function in this position. There are numerous names that are trusted in Amassoma. Foremost on the list are our business brands – Admissions and UTME, MJE Resources, Nenfadz Technologies, WADtech Computers, Bluray. Others are Excel Dreams, OJ Enterprise, Princotext, Oloye & Fred Interbiz, Anthevs, Wiztech, etc. These and some of the names known in Amassoma that we can attest for. Even if some transactions should go wrong with any of these businesses as a result of online transactions, such will surely be rectified.


  1. Communicate regularly with your Contacts in Amassoma. Sometimes, in order to survive, students say a whole lot of lies. We have heard a student telling his parents he wanted to buy time on jamb website for N9,000. Really? Hello! Somebody just need to faint here. Nineeee…. Shhhhhh, let me not dispose his secret. Lols. But then these are the issues on ground. But when parents contact their informants here in NDU, they get reliable information that can help aid their dealings with their wards.


  1. Endeavour to Meddle in Your Child’s School Activities. Sometimes, most parents just pay the fees and do not bother or care about whether the child is coming to school or not. At the tail end, some are faced with the realization that things have fallen apart and the centre could no longer hold. By then, withdrawal becomes the only option, because all along, the student has been eating all the school fees, unknown to the parents, he is not actually in school.


  1. Fund the Child’s Education Adequately. Problem starts with students when there is financial lack in their academic and social life. You cannot send your child to school and expect him/her to survive here without funding. Of more concern to us are the girls. Parents should understand that the monies given to girls go into maintenance oftentimes. Unlike boys who could put on one short for three months and keep on watching, girls can hardly keep up with such a life, hence, they need more funding to enable them leave the school fees alone, else, the story will be long. Additionally, endeavour to make learning materials and feeding ready at all time. Because the girls have less physical hustle engagements, when things are tight, they are prone to doings runs business which affects their moral lifestyle negatively. The emphasis here is the need to specify how much your child will receive each month and pay accordingly, so that he/she can tailor his/her life in accordance with the allocation. Else, in some cases, you will send a Christian child to school and graduate a prostitute. The academic institution can therefore, not be blamed.


  1. Communicate with School Management (if possible). This aspect is one area that we have raised concerns about of late. We realized that parents don’t always consult management on issues. Imagine, all through the school fees saga earlier this year, there was no issue raised by parents on the need to meet management to resolve the crises. All along, the students bore their cross themselves. This led us to publish a paper titled “Dwindling Role of PTA in Nigeria – A cry for Help” in which it was recommended that we create a Facebook Page “NDU Parent-Teacher Association to inform parents on the plight of students here and the possible need to meddle in school matters should the need arise. A very important reason to also communicate with management is on the area of the possibility that your agent may team up with your child to defraud you. When such is the case, a further investigation may be helpful for unravel their schemes – How To Avoid School Fees Fraud In The University.


The avenues to unravel fraud and fraudulent intents are multi-dimensional. For further assistance on any issues in this environment, please, visit our support page to contact us. We hope this publication is useful. Please, endeavour to leave a feedback.

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