How to Correct Your Wrongly Uploaded Documents

So far, we have been receiving calls from freshers who made errors in the upload of their documents. Some uploaded Age Declaration instead of WAEC. Others also made this mistake with other documents. Uploading one document instead of another. Did you make similar mistake too? Let’s try to help you fix it – Correct Wrongly Uploaded Documents in Niger Delta University Clearance

Other errors recorded were of those who uploaded photocopies of their documents instead of originals only. This happened despite our widespread publication that only original documents should be uploaded. Still, some students had internal errors in their documents. They had already uploaded before they were schooled that such is an error and had to re-upload.

What Can You Do?

Well, to correct a document upload error in the Niger Delta University Clearance Portal is very easy. But because of lack of awareness, some may suffer extensively, hence, the need to solve all such issues here. To correct an error, you will have to re-upload all the documents altogether, since it is impossible to upload only ONE document. This is to say that if you have to upload your WAEC again, all the other documents will also follow to complete the re-upload process.

Note that the re-upload process is same as the initial uploading. Same portal, same channel at

This page about NDU clearance. Please contact us for further assistance here.

Correct Wrongly Uploaded Documents in Niger Delta University Clearance

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