There are numerous practices across the academic community that can foster academic excellence amongst students. The range of these practices are endless. However, Emeke (2018) emphasized on the following as most important among them all.


“this is the practice of repeating a task”

Successful students keep repeating a task over and again. They keep doing one thing today, tomorrow, next and until it becomes a habit.

Being consistent doesn’t really mean doing one thing or task all the time, no! But it the act of cultivating a habit of repeating a task at a regular time. Successful students always work towards their perfection even if they are not. They strive to be perfect by remaining consistent.

So, in essence, I am saying to be at the peak of your studies and to function maximally in the society as a student you must develop the habit of remaining consistent In charting a course.

Goal Setting

“this is the practice of I will factor”

The truth is, every successful student are goal setters. They see their goals as a race which they need to run to the very last point. They cultivate the habit of not relenting even if they fail once, they look forward to reaching the end of their race.

Setting a goal for yourself as a student as a way of catapulting you to the peak of your studies. Most students are currently backwards in their academic pursuit and in life generally because they don’t have a short or long term goal they are chasing after.

So, if you must get to the peak of your studies, then set a goal for yourself. Don’t ever go by the 24 hours in a day without setting a goal for yourself.

Strategic Planning

“this is the practice of planning their day”

Every successful student is a master planner. They plan how the 24 hours will be utilized to their own advantage. They have a to-do-list where they strategically map out their daily activities for the day.

They always come up with different approaches that they can use to achieve their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals. They recognize the peculiarity of the academic environment, so, they plan their day in a way that they can multitask themselves so that at end of the day their goal will be achieved.

So, in essence, learn to draw a to-do-list for yourself on a daily basis. So that you will not be carried away.


“this is the practice of knowing what is of important”

The successful student knows how to highlight what is important to them and follow them accordingly. They define what they want and making it their priority.

They know how to arrange your wants in order of preference.

The truth is, Successful students always strive to achieve their set goals thereby putting other things on hold.

Going Beyond Classroom

“this is the practice of developing themselves beyond what they are taught in class”

Sincerely speaking,

Being a successful student is not only credited to classroom teachings. Every successful student goes beyond the classroom lectures. Why? this is because they recognize that they have longer years to spend with the world than that of their studies.

Developing yourself beyond the boundaries of the classroom syllabus is a must if truly you desire to become a successful student that will be valuable to yourself and to the society at large.

The truth is, being a successful student is beyond getting good grades in tests or exams.

Remember, successful students, are not only those who made FIRST CLASS but also those who were able to achieve their set goals which they set for themselves in the course of studies.

I hope this piece has exposed you to some of the practices of successful students and also help to clear your mental blockage about academic success.


Ogwu, F. E. (2018). Five best practices of successful students. Edited by SEIMIMIYIFA F. M. Retrieved October 29th, 2018 from


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