The Niger Delta University Verification Exercise:

So, many freshers had been asking, “after my online clearance, what next?”

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Well, be informed that in those documents you uploaded, there might be some elements of errors or faults in them. Faults that may either make you be denied of the admission or go for correction. Therefore, due to these numerous possible errors, it has become very necessary to check your papers you so uploaded to ascertain your suitability for the course for which you have been granted provisional admission. So, after uploading your documents, what next?

The Verification Exercise

What is Verification?

During admission into universities, verification is a process whereby your documents are checked to ascertain whether or not you are suitable for a course or whether there is any possible falsification of documents. In the recent past, numerous students had been denied admission due to one error or the other at the verification point. For instance, in 2008, the publisher was denied admission to study History and Diplomacy because of D7 in Mathematics in his O’level result. Also, last year, a student who had Pass  (D7) in English was denied admission to study Medicine and Surgery. All these are qualificational issues that has necessitated the verification.

Again, verification may also be very important due to falsification of documents. Sometimes, some students go to cafes to formulate documents. These documents may include WAEC results, age declaration, newspaper publications, LGAs, etc. Hence, in order to fish out these documents, it had become important to verify your documents.

What Happens at the Verification Point?

At the verification point, students queue up according to departments. But it seems this current verification is being done at the department level, hence, there is no need to queue up department by department as it was done then at the ETF building. When it get to your turn, you are required to submit your documents to the verification officer. The documents to submit should be original documents only. The officer is expected to check the documents for SUITABILITY, AUTHENTICITY, GENUINENESS AND CORRECTNESS. When satisfied, the officer will check that you have been successfully verified, then your Personal Data Form (page 1) and Clearance Certificate (page 2 of same document) will be ready online. You will then go to Print Admission Letter and Clearance Certificate to print your Personal Data Form and Clearance Certificate. Please, take note that you must pay school fees first before this documents will appear. Both the personal data form/clearance certificate and admission letter are automatically restricted online from being accessed until you pay your school fees.

List of Documents to Take to the Verification Point

The documents required for the verification includes the six (6) primary documents you uploaded, but seven (7) for those who used 2 O’level results. However, for Direct Entry students, theirs will be 7 documents (including JUPEP, Diploma, NCE, etc) but 8 for those using two sittings in O’level. The list includes:

  1. O’level (only original and computer printout is allowed, but not statement from school)
  2. Local Government of Origin
  3. Birth certificate/age declaration
  4. First attestation letter
  5. Second attestation letter
  6. Statutory declaration

Additionally, direct entry students are to add

  1. Diploma or JUPEB or NCE, depending on the result they had.

Other documents are:

NDU Admission Letter

Acceptance Letter

JAMB Admission Letter

JAMB Original Result

Also take along your acceptance receipt in case of any development.

How Long does the verification takes?

The verification doesn’t really take long if not for the queue. Usually, all things being equal, to verify a student should not take 2mins. However, due to the fact that the verification is in realtime, internet connections may disturb. Also, the verification officer’s prowess in the process may also contribute to the delay or quickness of the process. There were many complaints about the lady verifying for Engineering last year. We hope the school management will use another officer to make things swift. Where network is bad, a student may even spend 30mins waiting.

Hint: Go early when the crowd is lesser or late when the crowd is also lesser. Also, at any point, you can also go very early to take 1st-5th positions. This will make the verification get to you on time rather than going late where 40 students are already in the queue.

Note:  As early as 7:00am, you are already late. The queue may already be 20 persons long. Even when you get there and you did not see much persons, just count the footprints on the queue. Chairmen and community leaders may be waiting under shades around.

How Much Does Verification Cost?

Verification cost nothing. It is totally free. But we do not know if there will be any financial involvement in this new session. However, the verifying officer may use you to shine if any of your documents is faulty. You know this is Nigeria. So, do all things aright. If your documents are faulty, you are already under net and possible manipulations.

Although verification is free, you will be required to deposit your O’level result at the admission office before or after your verification along with N1000 for scratch card to verify your O’level result. This is to avoid accepting café doctored O’level results.

Should I take Photocopies to the Verification Point? What Will Happen If I Uploaded Photocopies?

What will happen if you upload photocopies is one of the main reasons why we said you must do your clearance work in Amassoma. This is because if anything happens, you will just need to go to the café where you uploaded your documents here in Amassoma and they will do the re-upload for you at no extra cost. But where you uploaded in Lagos and anything happens, re-upload will cost you N2,000 because you cannot go to Lagos again to re-upload again, because the verification officer will be waiting for you to come back immediately. He will not tell you to join the queue again whence you come back. Once you re-upload and go back, you will beat the queue straight up to him/her and they will attend to you immediately. So for those who may not have done their clearance, endeavour to do your work in Amassoma.

If you take Photocopies to the verification point, you will be returned. Also, if you uploaded photocopies, you will be asked to go and re-upload again. This is where you will spend another money. Another reason your admission letter specified it that you must use an experienced café. In Amassoma, cafes around will not allow you to upload photocopies of your documents. Just this week, some of our staff in the office had held some work back because the bearers submitted photocopies of some documents because they already know what will happen should they upload such documents. But cafes elsewhere may do it for you, provided they got their money.

Bottom Line: If you do not have your original documents yet, do not upload. Wait to complete them before you upload, unless you have a plan.

After Verification, What Next?

Once you have been verified before you can call yourself an NDU student. For now, your career here is still very unclear. After verification, you can then go on to pay school fees. After school fees, you can then print your clearance certificate, personal data form and admission letter @ Print Admission Letter and Clearance Certificate

When Will Freshers Resume?

Date for resumption for 2018/2019 academic session have not been released. But we can speculate that January/February May be possible.

Verification Before Classes or Classes Before Verification?

Well, both of them go together. Depending on when you were granted admission. Normally, verification first. Especially in this session that has not started, you have to verify now. But for those who will be granted admission late and they have not gotten acceptance money, we always tell them to start classes, then as classes is going on, you are finding a way to pay up.

What About School Fees?

School fees issues will be discussed in our subsequent post. However, take note that despite it is being speculated that the school fees structure did not change, the NDU has not released school fees for this session. But management is very serious about school fees, especially with this current set. You must pay before starting classes. This is because management soft eye for students has made many students not to pay up since. Some has even spent the fees given to them. Hence, the law on school fees this time around is very strict.

In our subsequent post, we shall update you on the structure of the Niger Delta University School Fees.

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