Michael O. Jules
Department of Vocational and Technology Education,
Faculty of Education,
Niger Delta University,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State
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Within the students’ community, it has been observed that most students lack the understanding of utility and application of research theories in their research works. This has resulted to inadequate and improper use of theoretical underpinnings. This compendium of theoretical framework for undergraduate studies therefore, is a compilation of theories for undergraduate and post graduate studies. This compilation which is the first volume consists of 23 theories. Each theory contains the research topic, the abstract, basic theory, application and references.

Keywords: Compendium, Theoretical Framework, Vocational Studies.


In today’s vibrant societies, vocation institutional practices has been evolving and changing, using better research approaches that quicken research processes. Before now, without the use of the internet, one could only imagine the duration to complete an undergraduate/postgraduate research project. However, due to technological involvement, vocational research practice has not only been quickened but also become interesting and fascinating.

Research has become easy because numerous techniques and processes had been put in place to aid research practices. Some of these include the internet, libraries, computers, textbooks, journals, analytical applications like SPSS and others. In addition, this study was carried out in an attempt of quickening research practice amongst vocational researchers. Due to the problem of student’s inability to understand theoretical utilization in their research, the author is of the view however, that a compendium of theories will easily make students access best theories that can be applied to their studies whence they see that a similar topic with a theory had been drafted and ready for use.

Vocational researchers across boards therefore, can use this material by searching for the specific topic related to theirs, reading through the theory contained therein to ascertain if such can be brought down to bear in their study. If such was possible, then, it is advised that such researcher manipulate sentences to avoid plagiarism. This paper contained lifted theories from previous studies, hence, it is a compendium of theoretical perspectives from past studies. It is wise however, to source for other materials in addition to this material to make a user research richer in text and ideas instead of beckoning on this one material. It is the author’s belief that this paper will be invaluable for future researchers.

This paper is a first volume and it contains 23 theories. It is the hope of the researcher that five more volumes will be released in the bid to put student’s understanding of theoretical utility in a better position.

Download Full PDF Material Here: A Compedium of Theoretical Frameworks For Vocational Studies

Download Full Doc Material Here:  A Compedium of Theoretical Frameworks For Vocational Studies



Michael O'Jules
Michael O'Jules

Vocational Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria