Just today again, the Niger Delta University had sent sms to admission applicants to re-upload their o’level results. Meanwhile, students had been sent this sms twice before, this time however, making it thrice some applicants are receiving this message.

What You Need To Know

It seemed that despite the previous messages sent to some to go and upload their results, many students had not done that. This sms was sent to everyone. As we have confirmed, many students who had been granted admission also received the message sent some hours ago. This is to show that the sms was sent to everyone.

What Should You Do Now?

If you had uploaded your o’level result before, there is no need to re-upload again. However, for those whom may have not been granted admission, it is very important they go back and confirm if their results were already uploaded. You must see it yourself that the results were uploaded. Sometimes, the CBT centre personnel may claim that your result were uploaded,  unknowing to you that they were just too busy that they forget to upload some.

Just today, an applicant who claimed the CBT personnel told her that her result had been uploaded went to the NDU CBT centre this morning, only to confirm that the result had not been uploaded, meanwhile her name was supposed to reflect in the supplementary list.

So, for those still expecting admission, we advised that IF you did not see the message in the screen yourself that your result is successfully uploaded, then go to the CBT centre and pay N100 to re-upload. This is very important as another admission list is ongoing.

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Michael O’Jules, Vocational Business Educator, Admissions and UTME Nigeria