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  • Invalid email problems
  • One time Password (OTP) not received.
  • Received Admission sms but name did not appear in NDU portal
  • Paid acceptance fee of 30,000 but only 300 was deducted
  • ICT issues
  • Managerial issues
  • Café issues
  • Student’s problems
  • Less than five hundred students had paid acceptance

The Niger Delta University first batch list, acceptance and online clearance which was released on Monday 8th, 2018, taken down Tuesday 9th, 2018, reopened 10th Wednesday, 2018 had so far witnessed some challenges like many other online platforms and also huge success.

As at Saturday 20th, 2018, within the hours of close of work, only 437 students of the first batch had paid their acceptance fees. This is indicative that the rate of acceptance of admission is slow and may force management to retrieve admissions later and grant to those who are ready.

The Challenges so Far

1.   Invalid email problems

Some students had invalid email problems and are still having it till this moment. What happened? The email you inputted during post utme was wrong. Maybe instead of @yahoo.com, you used @gmail.com and vice versa. Some others could no longer access the post utme email they used earlier. The problem now is that, that same email cannot be use again.

What Can You Do?

Update the email. Instead of passing through NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENTS, pass through UPDATE EMAIL in www.ndufees.com

2.   One Time Password (OTP) Not Received

Some persons, when they updated their email, a One Time Password (OTP) is sent to the phone number used to register for post utme. Some students no longer have that number. This is a great challenge. The job is already stalled. 

What Can You Do?

Come to the school. When you get to the main campus, ask of ETF building. When you get to the ETF building, ask of Teesoft office, otherwise ask of DVC office. It is same office. There they will rectify it.

3.   Received Admission SMS but Name Did Not Appear in NDU Portal @ clearance.nduportal.com

So far, we already had three cases of those who received admission sms but when they checked the clearance portal, their name did not show up. We really got pressure from our clients because of this issue. Later, the fault was traced to be an ICT error. And all those affected had been since rectified. So, if you received sms but did not see your name in the portal, go and recheck. Since we brought up the issue to the ICT office, all others had been since traced and corrected. If your own still persist, then contact the Teesoft office.

4.   Paid Acceptance Fee of 30,000 But Only 300 Was Deducted

We had received calls from some persons who attempted to pay N30,000 but they were charged N300. Before we can bring this issue up to the Teesoft office, we have to attempt the payment ourselves and see the error first. This is because some of you out there can do the wrong thing and still claim you did the right thing. So, for the three calls we had received on this issue, we told the callers to send the acceptance fee of 30,000 + 1,000 processing fee to our account. Then we had to pay it here. If we experience the same thing, then, before we could use such experience to present the case to the Teesoft Administrator. So far, one went through, but the other did not. So by Monday, the Teesoft office will rectify it. The third may have trust issues and refused to send the money. We can’t blame him though. This is NIGERIA.

5.   ICT Issues

In any ICT driven work, there are bound to be inherent challenges in the system. Challenges from the front and the back end. It is a normal phenomenon. This report is not meant to demean any system but is presented as we see things. So far, as reported above, some received admission sms, but did not reflect online. The NDU portal still says they were not admitted. Again, some paid N30,000 but were debited N300. Some of these are ICT issues. Of course we still have a soured course enrolment job with us which has refused to work accordingly. Even after more than four times visit the the Teesoft office, nothing is attained yet. We had paid for the one course enrolment twice now, still, nothing yet. These are the ICT issues that the Office are currently looking into. We continue to give these important feedback to aid them give us swift user experience.

6.   Managerial Issues

Some minor challenges had also been witnessed on the part of management. While it was purported that verification starts immediately, at the departmental level, nothing is really happening. No sign of verification going on yet. It would have been that the verifying officers are ready bound immediately management said that verification had started. Accordingly, we had to halt all those coming from Lagos, Abuja and other far distance, to allow us ascertain whether verification had started fully before they come over.

7.   Café issues

Café attendants are another set of problematic persons. Sometimes, due to numerous jobs at hand and the pressure to keep up with pace, some café attendants make numerous errors, and thereafter take these errors to the Teesoft to correct. Be well informed that any error you make now, you MAY part with N2,000. So, be diligent and make no mistake. If there is any at all, let it be from the ICT office so they can correct it for free. A previous case was of a café attendant who registered a fresher under SIGNUP instead of NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENT in the ndufees portal. He knows better now.

8.   Student’s problems

Students sometimes are also problematic. Some are very careless. You created an email for post utme, before admission time, you have forgotten it. Sister why? Is that how you will write your exams? Some, phone numbers used during post utme are no longer available. Some, the café persons used their phone numbers to open emails, so, when we are attempting to open the email here to commence clearance, they will request to confirm the phone number of which they do not have them again. Some have forgotten their jamb passwords and even emails that to accept their admission becomes very bad. So many issues for one system.0

9.   Less Than Five Hundred Students Had Paid Acceptance Fees

The last person we registered yesterday was about 4**, still below 500. Please, remember that you have two weeks left to pay up. Complete everything on time and get ready to resume soon. The new session MAY resume by January. So, the freshers still have time to get themselves ready.


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