Previously, the flood which started surging in Amassoma around the week beginning 10th September, 2018, later became so high to the extent that academic activities were suspended in the Niger Delta University. Initially, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumor who wanted to religiously set a swift academic calendar records did not want to yield to cries of suspension of academic activities due to the fact that the NDU academic calendar seemed to be behind the NUC calendar. Nonetheless, after much pressure from the academic community, the good and vibrant Vice Chancellor had to bow to pressure and suspended academic activities on the 3rd of October, 2018. Hence, till date, the Niger Delta University community still awaits the almighty flood to clear way for students to come back.

When the flood was increasing. Location: Sadiemo, Amassoma

Update on the Flood in Amassoma

Finally, the rains are bowing, the sun is becoming stronger and the water is receding speedily. Earlier, there was a theory that if the rain starts falling, the waters will start drying quickly. However, till date, we have not been able to understand this self-conflicting theory. We still await the propounder to expatiate on this theory. It would have followed that the more the rain fall less or stop falling, the more probability that the waters will dry off quickly.

RCF Tent, School Gate, Amassoma

If you were following the flood day by day, you will realize that the flood stopped increasing around 12th October, three days earlier than the government speculated timeline of 15th October. However, from 12th till two days ago (18th October), the water had never really receded. At best, it will decrease and little rain falls, it comes back to the original position where it was at its peak. But the good news now is that the rains had not fallen since two days ago, and the impact is significantly noticeable. Almost 5-6inchs decrease has now been recorded.

Possible Resumption Date

It was very unfortunate that the rains were still falling within the last week. If it had stopped earlier, with the impact seen, management would have used the impact thus far to speculate that by next week, the waters could recede to a manageable height, hence, release a resumption date. But since the rains were still falling then, the Senate, during their last emergency meeting which held Friday 19th October, 2018 could not establish a resumption date.

Melford. NDU Fresher who had to pass through water to access the Teesoft office

However, as it is now, with the level of decrease being seen here in Amassoma, we speculate and it is very likely that the Senate meeting will target Friday 2nd or Monday 5th November 2018 as the new resumption Date after next week (24th Oct.) Senate meeting.

One of our daily gauge points

Until then, the Amassoma community misses the students who are already enjoying their Christmas holidays. Like any other academic community, the Amassoma community and the students are in a husband and wife relationship. Once students are out, the town turns a shadow of itself.

A path which was previously covered 4 inchs high

For the newly admitted students, please, be aware that first batch students have only three weeks to complete their clearance. The three weeks consisted of this week, next week and upper week, culminating in the week ending 4th November. We cannot say that anyone who is unable to meet up will loose his/her admission, but let not put management to the test, let us try as much as possible to accept our admissions and clear up all payments.

We at Admissions and UTME Nigeria earnestly awaits your resumption.


Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules reporting from Amassoma.

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