It is our pleasure to bring to the notice of the students’ community that the surging flood has settled.
Right now, the increasing level of the flood even when rain was not falling previously as a result of water released in the different dams is no longer there. Just this morning, there is an insignificant decrease. Although, we believe within the week, the decrease will be more significant. Today, our gauge indicates that the water recedes by 2chs and as the sun is very high today, the decrease is expected to improve.
We herefore, make the following report for the perusal of management for possible action.
1. the level of previous increase is expected to be slower than the decrease. That is, the decrease rate will be much more than the increase rate.
2. the current season is a period of low rains with high sunlight. Therefore, the level of the decrease is expected to be even more faster.
3. the current at which the flood flows is very high. Indicating that the waters will recede within 1-2 weeks.
4. the management as a result of these speculations should take corresponding actions to ensure that students resume on time so that this semester can end this year.
For the students, if water did not enter your house before now, it means it will not enter again. You can come and put things in order now.
If water had engulfed your apartment before, be very hopeful that by next week, your house may be accessible. Commendable, the people of Amassoma were all joy this week as they celebrate the Alamieseigha. The town however, had since returned to its normal calmness.

Michael Jules

Reporting for Admissions and UTME