The argument on the Niger Delta University school fees on whether is was increased or not has been all over the social media. Most worthy of note are the Bayelsa state government officials going to Radio Bayelsa to present their arguments that the NDU did not increase the school fees.


This post however, was not intended to make anyone look stupid or lying. However, it was made in view of propaganda being spread across radio stations where it looks like the truth have no chance of survival. I am not here to tell you whether or not school fees were  increased. My major purpose is to give you figures so that you can tell for yourselves if there were increments. Since the school fees saga started, individuals, both students, management, government officials and individuals have always came out to defend their opinion without actually referring to any single document as a backup, so in this post, I intend to do justice to that by attaching a copy of a receipt to any singly payment made last year to enable you compare it to this year’s fees. Please, in the 2017/2018 school fees schedule uploaded, fees were categorized. The different categories are as follows. Item 17 signifies fees for Basic Medical Sciences,Clinical sciences, Pharmacy and Nursing, Item 18 signifies fees for Law only, 19 is for Engineering only, while 20 is for Faculties of Management Science, Social Sciences, Arts, Agricultural Science, Education and Science. Please, buckle your seat belt as I unravel the mystery of the NDU school fees.

Please, download the 2017/2018 School Fees Schedule Here: You must download it, else, comparison will be difficult. You will be referred to it several times.


Now, I believe you have the school fees schedule with you already, so let us go. Now, go to item 20, where you have a merge of Faculties of Management Science, Social Sciences, Arts, Agricultural Science, Education and Science.  We shall leave year one first because year one fees bears no increment. For year two in the schedule you just downloaded, indigenes are to pay 80,000 while non-indigenes are to pay 130,000. Now let us go back to how much was paid last year with receipt evidence. 

2016/2017 receipt for Management science indigene 200 level bears 60,000 while in the 2017/2018 schedule, it bears 110,000 but reviewed downward to 80,000. Still bearing 20,000 increment after the downward review of 50,000 increment. Note that N30,000 has been reduced for year two, else, the original increment was N50,000


The receipt bearing 60,000 above you are seeing is an original document of the Niger Delta University. This receipt is a year two student’s receipt in the Department of Business administration, Faculty of Management Science, grouped among item 20 in that schedule you downloaded.  This is to say that an increment of N20,000 is still reflecting. Please, be aware that the original increment this year was N50,000, but with the pressure of students’ protest, it was reduced by N30,000. Nevertheless, there is still a difference between what year two students paid last year and what year two are paying now. For the non-indigenes, they were initially affected with a difference of 60,000. However, with a reduction of N30,000, what is left in the increment now is N30,000. For example, last year, in the item 20 in that schedule you downloaded, year two non-indigenes paid 100,000. Now, they are asked to pay 130,000. Please, confirm the figure in the receipt below to what you have in item 20 in the schedule you downloaded.


Department of Political Science/ Faculty of Management Science 200 level non-indigene receipt for 2016/2017 bearing 100,000 while same level, Dept and Fac for 2017/2018 bears 130,000 in the new schedule. Increased by N30,000

Three Hundred Level

For three hundred level, here are the differences. The receipt below bears the amount last year and this year indigenes for only category in item 20. This does not concern Categories in item 17, 18 and 19

300 level receipt in the same category above (item 20) for 2016/2017 bearing 35,000 while 2017/2018 session school fees schedule is bearing 60,000 with a difference of 25,000. Please, refer to the schedule you downloaded.

School fees for last year 300 level non-indigenes in the same category as above

School fees receipt for 300 level in 2016/2017 session in the same category as above for non indigenes bearing N55,000, while for 2017/2018 is bearing 100,000, a whooping difference of 45,000


I would have loved to stop here. But just wished to branch the Faculty of Basic Medical Science so that you will see the headache those students are bearing.

For the Faculty of Basic Management Science, Year one Non-indigenes pays N200,000 while indigenes pays 150,000. Please, refer to the schedule to confirm before you shout. For this year, year one in all Faculties were not tampered, so let us go straight to year two and three.

Year two Nursing indigene receipt for 2016/2017 session bearing 100,000 while this year, in the new 2017/2018 schedule, it bears N120,000. This is even after 30,000 have been reduced for only year two, N20,000 is still reflecting. This means that the initial increment was N50,000. Meanwhile, non-indigenes last year paid 140,000, while this year, they will pay 170,000. An increase of 30,000 is still reflecting after a reduction of 30,000. This means that the initial increment for non-indigene was 60,000 (refer to item 17 in the schedule)

Let us now go to year three in this same category

Year three Pharmacy receipt for indigenes bearing 50,000 for 2016/2017 session, while in 2017/2018, they are now asked to pay 100,000, with an increment of 50,000. Meanwhile, their non-indigene counterpart who paid 70,000 last year are now being asked to pay 140,000. This records an increment of 70,000.


From the above description, you can now tell whether or not the Niger Delta University school fees for 2017/2018 academic session were truly increased. Needless to call people liars. Let the schedules speak for themselves.

Please, I really wish to stop here. All figures between the 2016/2017 and the 2017/2018 fees are bearing very distinct figures, hence, it will take much longer to analyze all of them. Just take a look for yourself as i upload all needed materials for your perusal.

Retrieved from Michael (2017) Pp:7. Download here: Career Guide


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