A transcript is a compilation of your academic performance all through your stay in a higher institution of learning.

Simply put, it is the combination of all your results from first semester year one to second semester in final year.

A transcript is needed when you are going for higher studies or applying for a job to ascertain your level of acclaimed undergraduate performance by the new institution granting you admission.

To get your transcript in the Niger Delta University, simple steps are followed. First is payment of transcript fees. The payments are divided as follows:

1. Within NDU – 5,000

2. Outside NDU but within Nigeria – 20,000

3. Outside Nigeria – 50,000.

The fees are to be paid online in www.ndufees.com. After payment, receipt will be available immediately in the same portal online. Print the e-receipt (If you are far away, please, use our services in proxy. Our local office is located in Amassoma here. See our contact and office address at the end of this publication).

Next, type an application letter in simple terms. The letter MUST be addressed to the registrar. However within the body of the letter, it must contain the address the letter is going to. This address is contained in the application form for your programme in the other university.

The following should be clearly stated in the second recipient address.

1. Position, i.e. The secretary if applicable
2. Full name of school. i.e. School of Postgraduate studies, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
3. Email of the office receiving the transcript if applicable
4. Phone number of the office receiving the transcript if applicable.
5. Name of the officer receiving the transcript if applicable.

The registrar office may return your letter if some of these characters mentioned above are missing because sometimes, ill-addressed letters are returned. Where you are unable to follow the above format, then be sure that you are following religiously, the format contained in the application form from that university.

The above indicate that there will be three addresses in the letter instead of two as usual. That is, the sender (you), the first receiver (the registrar) and the second receiver (the new institution admitting you).

Then, you will take the receipt processed online immediately to the bursary office who already have all online receipts numbers in realtime for confirmation. The receipt will be confirmed by the bursary office. They are to sign and stamp on it without which the Registrar secretary will reject it. You can make photocopies for yourself because the registrar office will take the originals. Staple the receipt on top the typed letter and take it to the registrar office.

From there, it will go to the exams and records office who will check whether or not you have such records as claimed in the letter. Once confirmed, your transcript will be processed and sent to your new school.

This process may take a minimum of one to maximum of two weeks.

No other payments is required to complete the process.

Note: The exams and Records office do not tolerate questioning or pressure from applicants processing their transcript. In their opinions, when you need a transcript earlier, you apply for it on time. Nevertheless, within a maximum of two weeks, if you haven’t received it, you may beseech the office

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