1. In The Heat Of Amassoma Community And NDU Crisis

The future of our tomorrow leaders seemed to be at stake. What started as a peaceful protest by unarmed students suddenly turned bloody. A battle field were the lives of the feeble were trampled  by heavily guarded security personnels ensued. With no one willing to take responsibility, one might only wonder: How did we get here?

When the protest began, students were only asking for affordable education. Everyone knows that we are living in hard times. If only the state governor would listen and answer everyone, perhaps, through representative, so the clamour for affordable education went more louder and clearer to command his attention. Faith and hope steamed in the minds of the students. Victory was certain!

However, days went by and nothing changed. New students soon got bored as relevant authorities maintained silence. In a related post made on Facebook by Michael Jules, the unrepentant academician, a year one student commented: “We are tired of sitting at home”

Not to mention is the information flying across popular radio stations. With different opinions heard from the comments of public, one might easily get confused as to what to belief. Whatever goes up must surely come down.

The Agreement

A deep breath of relief came when the governor finally decided to look into the issue. After a great meeting with concerned traditional rulers, these agreement were as follows:

Governor agreed to speak with those in authority to see to the release of the arrested persons where applicable to restore peace back to the community

Governor has also said the government has started treatment of those that sustained injuries during the crisis in Amassoma

Governor Dickson also promised the government’s support for the burial of those that died during crises and to visit Amassoma soon

The Governor has called on the Amassoma people to go back to their community and carry out their duties

Highpoint of Gov. Dickson, Amassoma community leaders’ meeting

1. The Amassoma disturbance is sad, unfortunate but avoidable – Gov. Dickson
2. Government delegation to visit bereaved families
3. Government to pick the medical bill of injured victims and the burial expenses
4. The youth leadership condemned the action of youths that attacked policemen
5. The youth leadership also condemned the use of live bullets by the police
6. Govt to set up committee to examine the immediate and remote causes of the disturbance
7. Another committee to be set up to promote peace and unity in the community
8. Those detained by the police to be released
9. NDU Will resume academic activities soon.

Nevertheless, the issues of school fees were not looked into. And this was the major cause which initially caused disruptions in academic processes.

It is hoped that just as calm has returned to Amassoma, academic activities will soon commence.

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