Over the years, we have come to realize that the performance of our graduates in the labour
market have not been commendable and commensurate with economic, employers’ and
societal demands. The lack of adequate practical work in the average Nigerian school
system has not made the graduates adequately equipped to meet the challenges of the stiff
and highly competitive economy. Unlike the wheelchair made to equip the lame, the
clutches to assist walking, and the air conditioner to ensure convenience in the office
environment, our graduates were less equipped to thrive in a highly competitive and fastest
growing economy in Africa – Nigeria. Despite being taught the concept of doing business
through education for and about business in the Universities, our vocational business
education graduates still entered the labour market with the intention to be employed and
not to employ. Hence, now that reality has set in, years after graduation, not many have
been able to seek for decent jobs to sustain them, and currently, it seems to be too late to
start up a business. This paper therefore, is aimed at exposing our business education
graduates to their colleagues who are doing one sort of business or the other – irrespective
of whether they are succeeding or not and to give those engaged in business the impetus,
needed information, and techniques to succeed. All these are embedded in modern internet
marketing practices. The paper is a superficial approach on how those who are now in
business can grow fast and succeed in their endeavors using aggressive internet marketing.


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