Hello, our dear, energetic, vibrant and intelligent Jambites.
How do you feel now seeing your JAMB scores?


Discouraged? Or perhaps


Anyways, you have to understand that you have written and have been graded, and so nothing can be done about your scores now. Don’t mind Jamb result upgrade, it is a scam. What next then?


If you scored high, thumbs up! However, if you scored low or very low, wow!, so disappointing though, but now, there may be a need for reconsiderations or readjustments on what you now can get. No need for unnecessary hopes again.


Right now, the JAMB cut-off mark is pegged at 180 for Universities and 150 for Polytechnics. Nevertheless, the individual Universities reserve the right to upgrade their cut-off marks for the different courses. For Example, in the Niger Delta University, While the general cut-off mark was 150 for last year, the University have a culture of raising courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, etc. to 200 and above, sometimes even up to 250.



Therefore, as we are speaking, if you do not score up to 200 and above, and you chose the above courses, you have to start forgetting those dreams and start looking into something else. No more need to hope when your hopes will be dashed. You can be a fool for hoping that you will get Medicine with 180. Unless you have a government authority to lobby for you or somebody of influence. (We have seen cases of Jambites scoring 180 and being admitted into Medicine and co. But then ask them how it happens, their reply always supports the idea that a godfather did it for them).

So, if you scored below 200, start readjusting your thoughts now. It is now too late to cry when the head is off (even 200 -230 is a disadvantage). You must face reality.


Does Scoring 250 and above a Guarantee to be Admitted?


This is a very big question. In any academic selection process, it is supposed that the highest scorers should be admitted first. But this is not always the case in admission process. This is because kick-backs, man-know-man and corrupt admission officials may be involved in bottlenecks that maneuver things to your disadvantage.


Moreover, only one MERIT LIST is released (This is the first list that contains the names of applicants that qualify to be admitted based on the University criteria first). Therefore, if your name is not in this list, it is then on the discretion of the Vice Chancellor to grant you admission. Therefore, if you scored 240, and the University says 241 for Medicine, oops! You are out of the merit list.


Then, in the second list, (called supplementary list in some Universities), the Vice Chancellor can decide to admit his cronies and submitted names who scored far below you while you and your high grade is at home and those who have links are going to school. (We shall treat this back door business later, but we do not engage in it because it is a 50:50 business.


You can pay money to someone and there is no guarantee that you will be admitted or you will get the course you want because the admission process does not solely rest on the VC. Jamb is there, the admission office is there. We have seen cases where VC submitted names, but along the road, THINGS happened. So, your name may be among the unfortunate names, and you keep on resubmitting your name).


Now my Score is Very Poor: What Can I do?


If your score is very poor, you can no longer get some courses again. What to do is to expect that your course will be changed. But I will advise or recommend that you change your course to areas that can accommodate your current score, or write JAMB again if at all you will not accept anything aside the course you chose.


What shall it benefit you if you score 180 and you are going for Medicine and still hoping that God will do it when it has been institutionally arranged that a particular score and above which you do not meet will only be accepted? Now, you have to rearrange your mindset to accommodate the current challenges in your grade.


Why do we Say “Change your Course?”


Well, imagine you are going to study Medicine and you scored 180 (Chai! There is God o.. very low). Now, in that field, before the selection will get to you, a whole lot of selection would have been done. In fact, it is difficult to admit you in another course because you are in an area/terrain where high scores are looked into first.


You are like a weakling in a giant environment. Why not go to an area where low grade will be considered too? We have a saying that “na who you strong reach, na im you dey carry fight go meet”.


Your score is too low for that fight. You will not be seen at all in that list. Those people will put you down down down in the list. But if you change now to political science, Agricultural Technology, or to some science courses, then, being that these areas do not require high JAMB scores, nobody will put your name aside because they know that after selecting the higher scores and there is space for more, your name will surely enter, but in Medicine, no way.


Even if the applicants going for Medicine are not enough, they will not still select you. They may either prefer applicants in related courses who score higher than you to bring in than take you.


They are very careful with these courses because if you do not do well in JAMB, probably meaning that you are not good in the field, by the time they accept you in Medicine or Pharmacy, you may start constituting academic problem. Because if you fail certain courses, they will automatically switch you to Agric, Education, Biochemistry or other related area because you cannot continue again. There is a law that if you fail certain courses, you should be withdrawn from the university or switch course. This is why the JAMB cut-off for these courses are very high.




If you score very poorly in jamb, it is better to carry your fight now to where your mates are or else, you will be at a higher disadvantaged position. But where you do not want any other course except the one you chose, then, write JAMB again. This time, sit tight.


We pray for you…
We wish you well…


The discussant is:
Michael O. Jules
(M.Ed. Inv.)
Career Guidance Counsellor,
NDU Admissions and UTME,
Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State.

MJE Academy
Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State.


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