In vocational business education, one of our major theory/concern is that jobs are scarce or in some extreme conditions, non-existent. Therefore, a student must learn and understand the concept of doing responsible and successful business which will enable him to survive where job-seeking fails. This belief has necessitated the introduction of Entrepreneurial studies in Universities to be made a General course. This is to ensure that students understand and practice business after school where there are no viable jobs. Despite being taught entrepreneurship studies in the Universities, more and more graduates still do not like, engage or succeed in their various startup businesses. Even those who engaged in business could not succeed because of inadequate managerial and marketing techniques. This is because marketing is the livewire of a business. No matter how poorly skilled a manager is, when the marketers are good, business just goes on and on. However, because vocational business education students lack modern skills and practices in marketing, they were unable to thrive on the traditional marketing terrain. It is against this backdrop that the author decides to introduce modern and non-formal practices into vocational business education especially in area of entrepreneurial studies. This is to enable gradates succeed in their various businesses.


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